We Are What We Are

Went to AA and made few more friends tonight. It's always great to make new friends. That is what AA should be about also. People from different backgrounds and battlefields getting together and rejoicing our sober attitudes. This was especially a good meeting tonight involving the Big Book , chapter 3 , and it is humbling to know how many people had something interesting to say. We don't talk about war stories at my group, we talk about how God has helped us live for now. We discuss what it was like fighting evil spirits, yet God must have a thing for people like myself. He must see good in all these people that come to AA, because once you find a group that cares about if you show up or not. Then please keep looking and don't give up.

I got a text about coming from my friend at AA and that makes it worth while to attend. When I was drinking , I only got text as to where is the beer or something to that nature. There is a real fellowship in some of the meetings, then there are the ones where you just have to walk. None of these meetings is perfect, as they are run by us. We are not perfectionist, we are humans that fight the Issue Man inside us. ( Please read further on Issue Man in my blog) . Are we sinners, Yes most humans are, are we forgiven? Sometimes, and other times we are not. We learn how to accept the good and the bad in these meetings and books. It is not an easy program, yet it is easy to let go and be yourself in some of the meetings. When a person lets go of some of the days troubles that used to bother him or her, there is a feeling of relief and serenity that overcomes us.

We did not know how good our lives could be without a bottle of beer and such. A guy said tonight" You know they have these commercials about beer and there are like three good looking girls around this dude, I've not even had this happen when sober"lol Commercialization is a joke in these ads. Drink our beer and have three women. Hell,I can't even hold onto one women. Thats a personal issue.lol

Friday is coming, and another work day is upon us, get through tonight or at least pray to God and go to bed knowing that God will make Friday a good day for you if you pray for it. It does work out, I do not know why. There may be some stumbling blocks at work and life on Friday, but not anymore than what God thinks I can handle , and this goes for anyone who prays about their day. OOps , just lost 50 people from this site cause I said God , Oh well, don't come back if you do not wnat to know the miracles this spiritual God can pr
ovide for you and your family.
Have a great day....


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