Friday, March 18, 2016

The Sober Life Can Be Great!

I have been busy with my new position at work and have not had time to write. I have been getting overtime and I have to tell you it's nice to get, but it tires me out. Therefor , I have neglectrd to write in my blog. I have had many good things happen to me.

A member of my family had offered a loan to me to get myself out of debt. I could not believe it, I did not have to ask or anything. This person knew I was underneath a lot of debt from credit cards and it was taking forever to get them out of debt. Well a check showed up with more than enough to pay all my debt off and this person just wants the bare minimium  monthly to pay back over 4 years. What a deal staying sober others see you try and they give you miracles as this was. This is how my last sight years have been while sober. Miracles from God and my family and others whom I just knew from AA. This is a program of action though, cause I was told in the letter that followed the check " Chris because you have been an outstanding , sober , human being is why I am bailing you out of this mess. If you were drinking I would not of helped you in this manner." The words were not exact but what a deal in life. These miracles can happen to anyone out there who truly tries , and I have to admit I have tried hard lately to be a good person and a good citizen.

Wow, my life has really changed again and there will be the ups and downs but I would have to say cause I am sober today I have a job and a family that loves me. God Bless.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Sobriety and Enjoying it!!!

When you are sober you can stuill have fun. One of my hobbies is flying these quadcopters or Drones. They are a blast even for a man of 52 years old. There is something really fun about flying these Drones, maybe its a revert back into childhood, except that they are expensive toys. There are little ones that will fly just as goodd as the bigger expensive ones. They take your mind into another dimension. You just enjoy flying up and down without crashing and you are in control. Of course the wind plays a factor in which way the Drone will fly at times, It is a challenge to get it to video correctly and to fly stable when using video. I highly suggest you buy a few of these, Yes more than one, and first see if you enjoy it, then move on to better made Drones like  Blade model. These higher dollar Drones will not break so easily and they willl set you back about 200.00 but you will enjoy the fun.
God grant me the serentity to accept the changes. I have been going through a lot of changes in my job and my sobriety and they have been good. I am making good money now, and its only been a 2 weeks on my new job. There are days when getting out of bed is hard but worth it once I know when I get into my work vehcle that my hourse start to accumulate. Its a hard job but it is also an easy job at the same time. I guess all jobs are like this once I look back. Most of my co-workers know I am alcoholic cause I tell them. I am not ashamed of this, just want them to know I can't drink, and they seem to respect for this. Have a good day Im rampling..Chris

Sunday, March 6, 2016

I am not a schizophrenic and neither am I.

Kind of a joke this morning for my headline. However, it is true there are a lot of people who drink that have mental disorders and they can recover from alcoholism if they have the capacity to know the difference. Most of us have that capacity to know right from wrong, but this is a disease . A disease of alcohol consumption seems to much for some people. They shrug this off and says yeah and I have a laughing disease or some smart ass thing to say. But alcohol has been listed as a disease that we have no control over. I believe I have an alcoholic drinking problem that is under control from God. I gave my drinking to God the spirit and I live sober day to day, even in the rough times of each day.

I had a wonderful time with my son who is 22 this year. He is not like his father, he is reserved and a thinker not a drinker or smoker, nor does he cuss. He is my angle from heaven and I love him very much. I put him through some tough times when he was growing up as a child verbally. I think I was controlling but what father is not controlling to thier kids, anyway I never physically abused him but verbally I may have. I never was knock down drunk in front of my kid, he did not see that side of me. I made sure he was safe and I never drove drinking with hiom in the car. I was a good father I think but his mother did not like me having him with me. So that brought out problems with our marraige years back. I am still divorced for over 20 years. I think I will stay this way, I am to set in my ways. Well its a good Sunday in this town and I have things to do before work so havbe a good day!1 Chris

Friday, March 4, 2016

Warning Social Sobriety Sponsorship

I just got home from work and I want to let you in on a topic that is a bit confusing to some people. A sponsor in AA helps those that reach out for one. AN alcoholic that needs support with his drinking problem or drug problem. As a sponsor you are not responsible for the sponsee drinking or other habits that may invove your sobriety, I am writing on this because you have to be carefull on whom you sponsor. There are a lot of crazy ass people that have shot others while they were drinking and ended up in jail or Prison and then they get out and some of them really want to stay sober and might need a special type of communication other than a sponsor. I have run across a few of these people and not all are wanting to stay sober. Some stay sober so they can get money from you or a place to stay, use good judgement in this case. Not all alcoholics have shot and killed a person , that is not what I am saying. However with the times we are in, the Big Book does not adress the risk you take as being a sponsor and you really know nothing about certain people that some looking for a sponsor. It is a fine line of who really wants to stay sober and those who stay sober for others instaed of themselves, be clear with each other where your headed with sponsor type situations, and don't give out too much personal information about yourself. Be careful, and be aware of who you sponsor. Just a tidbit of something I ran into with being a sponsor and having a little trouble with someone recently. Some of these people are very sick. Pray about it, before you take this role. Chris

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Birthday Night - A Celebration of Sobriety

Monday night when I got home from work, I was tired. However it was bithday night at the 12 step group of AA in Midland, Texas. So I had to get off my ass and go aand give thanks to those that were in attendance for my sobriety in solitude. In other words I don't think I would of made the last few months without my AA group and I silently prayed for each and everyone in this meeting Monday night.
I know it sounds a little strange to do , but I felt that each member that was there had something to do with my good fortune. I believe when your too tired or too lonely are the best times to go to AA and mingle a bit and give thanks even if silent . I have some a long way in just a  few days and hours now. As it is barely past 6 AM right now on Tuesday, I am heading to a job at 7 AM and wanted to post what I had done the night before. I am sore and aching from the hard work I did on Monday and this day is what I will be doing on a daily basis, so there is much driving or relaxing time in betweeen jobs. That is why I like service Technician work, is being able to drive to different locations and it gives you time to stop and get a coke and snack and then go to your next job. Anyway I hope you all had a good day on Monday and believe me, God is watching out for us. Chris

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Sober and 1st day at new Job

Today , I start my new job . I am reaady to get out of the house and be proactive. I feel like the new kid on the block. I am in  a way. Anyway my boss seeems really nice and down to earth. I have waited to work for so long that it just does not seem possible that I am starting. I am a service Technician for a water company in the West Texas area.God makes all things possible whom believe in him. If you pray and stick close to God , good things happen to good people.
That is the daame with sobriety, if you really want it it will happen for you but you have to take action and do the steps. The 1st step is obstaining from drinking and believeing in a hi9gher power can help you. It is the same with life you have to give your life over to God in order for him to help you. Most of us don't like losing control over a situation, but when we do and let God run our lives, it is much smoother and easier to live with on a daily basis.
I am so grateful to everyone I know and do not know for all the help they have given me over the last few mo0nths. This blof has helped me also in maintaining my sobriety. I hope it has helped someone out there know that I am just an everyday person that is living a God driven life. Sober. Chris

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