Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunday Bloody Sunday and Fathers Day Sober

Well, just got back from my refreshing trip to the Hill Country in Texas. I did not do all I set out to do, but I did get to say Happy birthday to Harry,. He is my friend of many years that turned 90 today, and he was doing just fine, a little dementia but ok. I had a great photographic experience as you see in these photos. It rained most of Saturday then I headed home this morning so I could get ready for Monday.

I did not pick up my four year chip from La Hacienda, and I have my reasons, I shall pick it up here in my home town where I know some people. It really matters not where I get it, just need to recieve it I guess. I went to 2211 AA club in Kerrville last night and it was good. That's the thing about AA you can go to other towns and be welcome there. Its like you have friends all over the world. It is a great thing. Had a good steak dinner and went to bed last night and woke up , said my pryers and went to see Harry before I left for Midland, Texas.

Not much to talk about , I am tired, enjoy the pictures. Have a great fathers day and hopefully you will see your kids. This is my first year to see mine in 19 years for Fathers day..God Bless.

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