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Thursday, October 8, 2015

New Chapter in My Life Today Sober!!

I have been researching and wondering how to make a full time business with little or no money down. I came up with an answer that I pray will work. I have decided to get into the shopping business, Yep, there is a need in my city as I have discovered by my clients I drive around in Uber and there is no one in the area doing this type of work.
 I started out with a business plan and marketing , and have succeeded in grasping a hold of the money for a franchise that will enable me to get a web presence and apps for my customers. Sobriety clears the head!! It gives one a creative thought that you can act upon and deliver if persistent in staying sober and confident that you are doing the right thing to the right people.
 Is that part of the drinking problem is hanging around the wrong type of person whose life was going nowhere and your also  , and its an affliction to the addiction. You both have no motivation to make anything out of yourself except a drunk. I talk about AA and my sobriety when I drive for Uber, and it gets mixed reviews. I expect I don't really care, however it makes me glad when I am tired and sober at the end of my day.
 I have positive thoughts now, and I grew up negative. I never thought I would amount to much but acted as though I was indefensible when I was drunk or stoned. I was lyeing to myself for so many years that I believed the lies. Those days are gone and reality has hit once more, and I have high hopes and God to back me on my new project. Keep plugging and stay sober, or get help getting sober. It really does pay off in the long term situation with families and friends..God Bless..Christopher Hyer 10.8.2015

Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday Morning Soberiety and New Job

I start my new job in IT today with a business that is local. I look forward to working outside the house. This is a fortunate position that God has sent my way. I have the jitters a bit this morning but I woke up early and got cleaned up and had enough time to write to this blog. Monday's are usually busy days for most as they set out for the week. I believe that I have found the perfect Christian job , all that work here are Christian and family. They seem to have accepted me and my past alcoholism. I explained to them on my first interview that I was. This is how I am spiritually motivated I said. The man I talked to was impressed, though I was outspoken, it did not hurt my job chance
s. Nor was a drug test even given, I was trusted.
Garden in Midland, Texas 07/21/2013 Chris Hyer

I think working for a Christian company is what God had planned for me, though the work will be difficult, there is training.God does not give us more than what we can handle is what is said, and I believe this and will do my best. I need to calm down and let things be as they are. I slept horribly last night, I guess my first day has made me a bundle of nerves, for I have not been under a employment like this in a while. I was a contractor, and ran the show. I must remeber that I do not run the show, I am an actor for this company and I must slow down and follow their rules. God makes this happen.

I have said my prayers this morning and pray as I do , this makes for a great beginning. I will write at the end of the day to tell how all went. God grant me the serenity to change the things I can the wisdom to know the difference and so on....I have said this prayer possibly 5 times today and the Lords prayer that things work out. I will go forward in pursuit of being productive and knowledgeable this day forward with my life and my work. I dress for the part and look nice and my mind is open for new ideas. I carry with me a cross around my neck in remembrance of Christ and what he has done for me. I wear a ring with a cross , so my fingers will be guided by God. I know this may sound foolish but I believe . I show my belief this way, and flaunt this belief.

Well,have a blessed day and those still drinking , I feel for you and please write and tell me how I could help you via the Internet. I will reply if I can. God Bless. Christopher

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday and a Beautiful Day to be Sober

I met a woman last night from CL and she was about my age. We hit it off right from the start aqnd began to talk. She asked about my past , and as honest as I am. She inquired, "You would be hard to be in a committed relationship because what if you decided to drink again?" , Well that stumped me and I said you don't. I can only tel you that I will not in all probability go back to how I was or I will be dead. Shocked , as she seemed to be, I told her I had been as low as I could go this time. I lost my life almost this time when I sobered up, and I will never forget this.

Texarkana, Ark. Chris Hyer 2011
How many of you have had this question brought up to you? It was difficult to swallow at first. Would all women thing the same thing? Do I really care? I would have to  say that I could not give her a good answer. I am not on this earth to please a stranger, I am here to stay sober and productive and make a living. If it comes right down to it , I will never marry again and be just fine. I willl have the same questioned asked, I am sure. It's these little things that can really ruin it for me. I try to adhere to the AA program and some people think your some kind of freak or not good enough for them. They are wrong and there are millions of us in relationships al over the world. We are n
ot a glum lot, we are happy individuals, and God driven. They just don't understand this and so be it.

I start a new job on Monday with a Christian company and I look forward to this new position in life. I look ahead and with a future for my life and it involves no drugs or drinking. It involves doing the best for my employer and staying up with AA at the same time. God will be with me through the day and so I do not worry or concern myself with any outcome. I use to get drunk before I started a new job, and the result was so they could get use to the real me back then. I do not need to do this anymore, I can sleep fine at night and wake up early enough to write on my blog and get to work on time. That is my goal and I pray this works out fine. I know it will. I am in recovery for the rest of my life, and it is ok. Accept me for who I am not and who I am. I am very proud of what I do not do anymore and you should be also. Work the steps at home and at work and pray constnatly with God and all things can be accomplished. Chris

Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday 07/19/2013 God Grant Me Serenity!!

I am between jobs right now, and though I have secured one starting this coming Monday . I have had dead spots in the day where I have to sit down and just wonder what to do next. I have found that writing has helped in my boredom. I write this blog almost daily and most of those that read this blog are from Russia. I think that is cool, and I hope they get something out of this blog, in fact I write in this for serenity and to help other alcoholics . That is my hope at least , yet it is a journal of my life also. A way for me to reflect upon the days and look forward to the next day. I suggest you start a blog and just start writing what comes from your heart.

Serenity By Chris Hyer 2013
Even the pain of daily living can be too much for some of us. If we work these steps , though, we will find that there are things that need to be done. In the cities there are marathon AA meetings and I wish I lived where these happened. I do not and have to wait usually for 8pm meetings and though I find it difficult to go to these meetings. I do. It helps to be in a room of other people that go to AA, you will feel the spirituality in the room , and once someone starts to talk , you can tell the ones , that really work this program . It really works. You have to work it though, it is not a difficult task, but one we need to live by. Daily living includes using the 12 st
eps of AA in our daily living just to live one day at a time, if not one hour...

I have lost the desire for drink, and this in itself is a miracle. I do have times when I smell wine or beer and think about it, but for only a few seconds, then the obsession goes away. I have well completed step one to its fullest potential. You can also get to this point. It will no longer haunt you to be around those that are drinking and going into a convenience store to buy whatever and seeing a fellow buy a suitcase of beer is normal. You may think about this for a moment, but God takes the feeling away from you almost instantly and you go about your day.

God grant me the serenity, and he does this everyday. I have not had a bad day since being sober for almost 5 years. It does work the program and people from AA make this possible with the help of your higher power. God is my higher power and I seek him now as I pass this message to other people that may find this helpful in their lives. We are not a glum lot, we a re happy that we do not have hangovers this morning, and are fairly stable in our heads as to what needs to be done for this day. God Bless and have a good weekend... Come Back....CHristopher

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

To Drink is To DIe

We had to smash the idea that we could drink or it killed us. The Big Book reminds us that controlled drinking was all we wanted to have. We have the disease of alcoholism, and this spiritual malady or "issue man" inside us makes this possible. Inside you may have another drink left in you, don't even think this for a moment. We know to drink is to die. It is our death sentence to take one drink as it tends to lead to another sometimes slowly others it takes just one drink that will lead to another. We have tried all forms of controlled drinking or drugging. Trying it in the morning only or just one in the evening, then to succumb to the fact that we could drink two or more now, back to the races we went, and fell into an insane asylym. Back to treatment or death to most of us.

Hunt , Texas by Christopher Hyer 2013
Please do not believe you can control your drinking, and do not take this test. If you are like myself, it will be the last thing in your mouth, and you will not wake up. This is not living, AA gives us the tools for living and that is with the spritual God in our hearts telling us this drinking has to quit or it will kill us. The obsession to drink may not completly go away , but will if you truly work step one. Step one is the most important step we could have in our hearts and life. We have to believe in a power greater than ourselves, could restore us to sanity and not take that one drink.

God is all powerful, look at your self in the mirror and laugh this morning and this afternoon, soon you will be able to laugh all day long, and without a drink. You are with the spirit of God and he is wonderful and grateful to you for being strong
against the devil. The devil is evident now is he not? You know what to do whne the drink thing comes to your mind, there sits on one side the devil on the other is God's spirit, who do you want on your side.

The God concept is not a new one and if we truly believe he can conquer all our fears if asked. Pray to God and ask him to relieve the pain of drink and give you life today. Look at a child and see his innocence. This is you reflecting back . You are a child of God and this is good. He watches over you if asked. He needs to be asked, though. Faith without works is dead.God respects you as much as you respect him, its a mirroring effect , and it works. Millions of alcoholics and drug addicts have lived this way since being sober, you can too, so can I. God Bless and Keep your head up high, God is riding with you right now. God Bless and have a great day...Christopher07/17/2013

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

To my Russian Friends on this site

Здравствуйте, мои русские друзья. Я заметил, что вы большой части аудитории на моем блоге. Я хочу, чтобы вы знаете, что в моих молитвах и добро пожаловать на мой сайт в любое время. Я использую translator написать это, чтобы вы. А.А., я считаю, это в вашей стране. Я когда-нибудь хотели бы посетить Россию и встретиться с некоторыми из людей. Я слышал о красоте и я слышу о бедности, которая меня огорчает. Если вы алкоголик, и я могу помочь вам сохранить некотором смысле трезвости в вашей жизни пожалуйста, напишите мне. Пусть Бог благословит и есть великий день!

Over 60 percent of my readers are Russian this is what the above message says: Hello , my Russian friends. I have noticed that you are a large part of the audience on my blog. I want you to know you are in my prayers and welcome to my site at all times. I am using a translator to write this to you. AA ,I believe is in your country. I someday would like to visit Russia and meet some of the people there. I hear of the beauty and I hear of the poverty that saddens me. If you are alcoholic , and I can help you maintain some sence of sobriety in your life please write to me. God Bless and have a great day!!

Time Moves Forward with a Clear Head

Alcohol, and drugs can blur our minds, and make us believe in things that are not true. When I sobered up , reality was hard to handle . I b...