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Sober Thursday 02/18/2016

I have bitched and complained for about a week now, and it is over. I have done what I could about getting my job secured and have passed my test, so now I should be offered my job. That is how it oges right? Well these days it is hard to concieve that a future employee should have to spill out so much personal information to get a low paying job. This is the American way now. You have to prove you have no criminal background , pass drug test, prove that your a USA citizen, prove that you are mentally stable. Does this sounf more communistic than anything?

Well after a few days of putting my whole life out there in cyber space for a job, I am now awaiting an answer to if and when I start. I will post of course when I get this phone call, in which I expect ina  day or so. I have spent about 100.00 of my own money in getting a low paying job. The expense were for Dr. leters and gas to and from each place I had to visit, and the time it toook for a physuical and one more Dr letter tsayin…

Five Years as of This Month , Sober

I have not kept up with this blog on Sobriety and I will try to keep it going since there are people reading it.As of this writing , I will receive my 5 year chip for sober living on Tuesday night. It is a bigger deal than I first thought. I have for the last year been granted a great job in which I get to travel. I have a healthy son that is a non drinker and non smoker and he is 20, I have been blessed with a new house that was given to me by my mother, I have a daily routine, which I never had before sobering up. I pray constantly and my prayers are answered in a way I can't really put my finger on.

God has given me everything I could possibly need in life , and God either is or is not. He is the main reason for my success and I have to say AA also has improved my thought patterns about people and life. Watching the new comer come in all strung out with no hope. That is the real deal with AA is helping those with no hope as I was one of these. They really don't seeem to get …

There is Good in This World

I had a thought the other day. Why was I living and what do I contribute to society. I don't really know the answers. I live for day to day for my work . I have a son that counts on me to be here. I have a Mother and a Father that enjoy me when it is convenient for them. I guess these are good enough reasons to show up and suit up for work each day and make a living and be sober. These people rely upon me even though I barely see them every day. even at age 50 , I am still single but by my choice and I cannot blame God for this.This town I live in was to blame for my drinking years, I thought. However when I look back and think it matter none where I lived. I drank to oblivion wherever I lived. Always blaming the city and my loneliness, and that was why I drank. Loneliness is a good reason to drink. It is not a valid reason for destroying your body and others lives though. 
That is why I stay sober and get up everyday and say my prayers. I don't go to AA much anymore. I had a f…

Chris Raymer and AA Speakers

There are a lot of circuit AA speakers who fly all around the world, helping those that need guidance with the disease of alcoholism. Chris Raymer of Hunt, Texas is one of these guys. He is sometimes called the "One eyed bandit" joyfully so. He is on a mission, and his mission includes all those affected with alcohol in one way or another. When I was in treatment at La Hacienda this man spoke to us everyday. I was in such a daze that I only was able to conceive some of his message. He is very out there and out spoken , he gets his point across. He has the idea that we are not doing enough as a whole in helping the newcomer beat his addiction. He will tell you that AA in some cities will not even crack open a Big Book in their meetings, and he is right. The AA and the group as a whole should use this material , because it works. He has been to so many places and witness too many deaths in his lifetime of sobriety.

Chris R. story is not the typical one. His indeed is different …

Chris Raymer Comes To Midland, Texas

Ladies and Gentlemen Chris Raymer is coming to Midland, Texas as per this PDAP flyer sent to me from my sponsor. This sought after speaker is an International AA speaker Guru, who tells it likke it is about the AA program. The strengths of the 12 steps and hopes of millions of people in this program Internationally. I was blessed to hear him at La Hacienda Treatment Center in Hunt , Texas. He has moved on to another South Texas Rehab Facility now, but continues with his ongoing fight against the disease of Alcoholism. He is the founder of the "Issue Man", and has a word or two about sponsoring that will make you love him or not. HE is a character with strength and will be joyfully welcome to this area of West Texas. He is originally from West Texas and for him to make a stop in Midland, Texas is such a pleasure for us all in the area. Please book your plane tickets to MAF for this occasion as you do not want to miss out on this..Christopher Hyer

One Day At a Time ; Sobriety

Taking my life one day at a time. I don't know how good I practice this. I do try to think ahead, because I have to line up my life a few days ahead of time. Taking "One Day at a time", is a difficult step for any of us. I have so much to look forward to in the future, even if right now, I don't see it. I am sober again today and this will be everyday as far as I know, and for today I will be sober. The craving for alcoholic beverages really does not thoroughly go away when I think about this. The ads on Television and going to convenience stores surely throw this shit at me. So , I salivate for about 5 seconds and then I am ok, so the obsession to buy this particular drink has been lifted. Enjoy Stevie Ray Vaughn below for a little "Superstitions"

There are still problems in my daily living and AA helps in taking care of this. I also put in my two cents of , "No I am not going to drink because of so and so. There are problems , but drinking just makes …

Saturday 07/06/2013 ---1 Timothy of the Bible

"May God our Father and Christ Jesus our Lord give you grace,mercy,and peace" Chapter 1 in Timothy in the bible. 

Wow, what a strong phrase we have been given. Paul in the bible was given control by the command of Jesus, "It is written to Timothy,my true child in the faith".....What a concept, to have the Lord Jesus Christ give one such an honor. To be loved by Jesus , so much that God had appoited Paul to spread the word of God and to trust and have faith in him to do his deed.

Is that what we all seek in reality , is a commitment from others to understand that through faith and love that God has made us into human beings to carry on this message to other human beings. A twelve step for sure, I would imagine."Live a life of Faith " is what Paul says in Timothy and do not stray away into any false promises.

This would hold true for alcoholics," please oh lord help us keep the faith and do not let us go a stray with our own ides" and "Thy will …

Chris Raymer and AA

When I met Chris R. , he was a speaker at La Hacienda treatment facility in Hunt, Texas. I was foggy when he spoke and in my Big Book , I have diagrams trying to follow him. He is controversial to some members of AA , although are we not all. He is straight to the point on the program of AA. This was taken from You Tube and if you like it search this one eyed bandit that discusses the "Issue Man", that for some reason is hard to find on the Internet , if not impossible. He talks of the "Issue man " as our spiritual malady and for some reason, not much is found on the Internet on this speech. I will try once more to find his discussion of this. Enjoy listening to this program of Chris R. He is a sircuit speaker and pretty upfront about his passion for recovery and people.

William James and Sobriety

William James was a was an American philosopher and psychologistwho had trained as a physician. He lived in the late 1800s to 1910. He also was the first person to start a Psychology class in America. He is mentioned in Bill W.'s video I saw on an AA site on the Internet. Bill W. said after reading "The Varieties of Religious Experiences" by William James he had a spiritual awakening. He had no desire after this episode to take another drink.

Interested as I am about this subject, Alcoholism, I decided to buy this book and wow, it is over my head. William is a Philosopher that blows me away with his words in this book. It is over 400 pages on religious beliefs and material concerning religion as a whole and spiritual beliefs that manifest itself. It is hard reading to a guy like myself.

After doing some research and putting down this book. I find out how brilliant this man is, or was and how he added to oour society of AA and the world at large. These are a few quotes f…

Selective Reasoning with a Sober Human


Sunday The Day of Rest

Take it easy today, is the slogan of this Sunday 06/21/2013. Sometimes our dreams are not God's dream for us, yet how do we know? I have a dream of shooting surfing on North Padre Island Texas and I have lived this dream, but not on my time. God decides when your dreams are to happen and how to prepare for these dreams, give your heart and soul and prayer to God and let him make that decision. Is this an easy task, of course not. It is something we have to do everytday, is ask for his forgiveness in our own selfish ways. Then pray for the things in your life to change. They will in time. The spiritual malady that exists in each and every one of us, is to have what we want now.

It is too unrealistic to get what we want on our own time, Thy will be done , not ours. It's hard to swallow that line, yet when we do all sorts of wonderful things in our lives start to happen. When I surrender myself to God to do with me as he sees fit, I get an answer but maybe not the answer to a ques…

The Spiritual Malady Inside Alcoholics

The days go by so fast that we have to slow ourselves down. As an alcoholic that is in recovery, I know too much about the ins and outs of a normal day. What is normal? No one can define this except to live life on a daily basis, and abide by all laws. The laws of society and your place in this world must be ideal for one to live. The spiritual malady exists in each and every person on this earth. When one has an addiction, the spiritual malady can go insane inside of a person whom is alcoholic. I will explain this further in this book. We, as a society shun alcoholics that are on the street pushing baskets from one place to another. They are searching for their soul and drinking for these few unfortunates is a way of living. The spiritual malady inside these people is the same as most recovering alcoholics. The difference is controlling this through a spiritual connection to a higher power, or God. This sounds very easy to the normal drinker who m can put down one drink and be finish…

Working The Steps on Thurday

Working the twelve steps in AA can help with a multitude of addictions you may have. It could be alcoholic, eating disorders, gambling, and anything you have an addiction to. These steps have been successful in daily living for millions of people. Why do they work? The only answer I can come up with is that you let go and help others to obtain their destination, whether alcoholic, or a person with an addiction to eating too much or eating too little. You let God take over and let him rule your spirit. It sounds complicated, but if it were easy we would have more sober and less problems in life.

You must work with other alcoholics or you die. That's the truth, Alcohol will kill you eventually if you keep getting sober then slip often enough, this is a proven fact. The twelve steps of alcoholics anonymous was written with you in mind. To help you with daily living without a drink. It works if you work it. Take it easy on your self and make the best of it you can.

Did you know AA is on…

Wed and a New Beginning

This is a great day to start a new project. What can you do? Well , I will let you in on what I am doing. I write articles for several different magazines online. I am pretty sloppy on this blog site, yet when it comes to work I am as precise on my grammar as I can be. Spelling has to be exact, and word usage has to be perfect. We strive for perfection anyway, right. Well none of us are perfect , and I get rejected almost 50 percent of the time with my articles. If your starting out, I would suggest you study up on grammar and make an outline on the topic you will write about.

When I write for this blog I do it my way, its a free for all for me. So my sentence structure and words just come from my brain onto this page without any order. Therefor the misconception of a good writer is at hand. I suggest also that you write for the best. Yahoo Voices is a great place to make good money, yet the Editors are strict. If you get an article on this site , you can make big money. I have made ab…

Monday and Sober Today

I have been writing my journal on this blog and a few of you have been reading it, so I will continue my journey into this AA world. It is ok to just jump right up and leave a meeting. I did it again last night. No reason to be rude when you do this, I was interrupted by the host and got up set the book on the desk in front of this man, looked him in the eyes, and shook my head. I then left. It is ok, do I have resentments, evidently so. I do not like to be interrupted in a rude way when I am at a meeting stating my ten cents worth of knowledge. Dammit!!

But I am cooled down and was last night, I plan to go back tonight to the same group, just because there is a guy who possibly had a bad night, or didn't get to see his kids on Sunday might have made him this way. I forgive him, and move onward toward reality. AA is not perfect, but when it comes to managing your life, you can't get much better than AA. There are some really good folks in AA and then there are the ones who lin…

Sunday Bloody Sunday and Fathers Day Sober

Well, just got back from my refreshing trip to the Hill Country in Texas. I did not do all I set out to do, but I did get to say Happy birthday to Harry,. He is my friend of many years that turned 90 today, and he was doing just fine, a little dementia but ok. I had a great photographic experience as you see in these photos. It rained most of Saturday then I headed home this morning so I could get ready for Monday.

I did not pick up my four year chip from La Hacienda, and I have my reasons, I shall pick it up here in my home town where I know some people. It really matters not where I get it, just need to recieve it I guess. I went to 2211 AA club in Kerrville last night and it was good. That's the thing about AA you can go to other towns and be welcome there. Its like you have friends all over the world. It is a great thing. Had a good steak dinner and went to bed last night and woke up , said my pryers and went to see Harry before I left for Midland, Texas.

Not much to talk abo…

Mid Noon On Wed 06/12/2013

Work has slowed for me today and I am piling up for Thursday to get some work accomplished in IT. I have had a good day , ecept that I met a girl in AA and she didn't call me yet. I was a bit bummed out cause she is really special to me. She is beautiful , smart, and funny. All wrapped up into one cool package. She is even my age. Go figure and she has not called me back from this morning. I know that there are people in AA that do not call, or feel like shit and just don't want to be bothered. I , on the other hand am consistent and if I say I will be there I am. She made me no promises, though, so I should shut up.

In AA relationships can be gruesome, and overwhelming. Two people that meet in AA may not be that compatable with each other. You seee them every night at meetings and they know your inner most secrets as you speak in AA at closed and open meetings. You get to know their weakness and their strengths. For a relationship to work in AA , one must be careful not to ste…

Robert Cray and Peter Frampton Sober concert

Tonight in Midland, Texas we have some good new and old music coming to town. Robert Cray Band and Peter Frampton. Second concert I have gone sober to in two years. It is interesting now, that you can't smoke or drink in a concert in this auditorium we are goijng to. Its very luxurious and they do have a open bar you can buy drinks at. However , I am taking my son and we will have a blast  enjoying the music I could not get to see as a teenager as these guys were hot in the 70s and 80s.

This is Saturday and I have made reservations to go to Kerrville to La Hacienda treatment center to pick up my four year sober chip. I thought , wow , what better place to pick this up. So i made Hotel arrangements and called to make sure I could come to their AA meeting next weekend. All is on. So I am looking forward to this event as well.

Once you start living in the spirit , the spirit starts living in you. It's an odd deal that is hard to explain. I have open so many doors from AA and the pe…

We Are What We Are

Went to AA and made few more friends tonight. It's always great to make new friends. That is what AA should be about also. People from different backgrounds and battlefields getting together and rejoicing our sober attitudes. This was especially a good meeting tonight involving the Big Book , chapter 3 , and it is humbling to know how many people had something interesting to say. We don't talk about war stories at my group, we talk about how God has helped us live for now. We discuss what it was like fighting evil spirits, yet God must have a thing for people like myself. He must see good in all these people that come to AA, because once you find a group that cares about if you show up or not. Then please keep looking and don't give up.

I got a text about coming from my friend at AA and that makes it worth while to attend. When I was drinking , I only got text as to where is the beer or something to that nature. There is a real fellowship in some of the meetings, then ther…

AA Step Study, Just Walk Out

I was in a AA step study room last night and I was fed up with the speaker. He had said things that I do not believe in, and I stayed  for 45 minutes and left. Granted, this may have been rude, but the way the meeting ws going , I thought this guy was out of place. I have a right to make decisions , even when it comes to AA groups and you do also.

There is no reason to sit in a room if it does you no good. I will go back to this group again, but I refuse to listen to crap. You have the right to leave and have the right to not believe in what is being said in certain AA meetings. If it offends you, walk out. That is your God given right to do.

AA was made to help people who cannot recover and those who are recovered. It is a two way street, and with that said , there are some whom only have one hour of sobriety and those with many years. Just because they have years on you does not make it right for them to shove it down your throat. I felt this way last night during a step meeting. This…