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AA---Tonight and Sober

 My dog Cocoa 2013

I don't attend AA very often , in fact it has been three years since I last went. I took of tonight and headed to The Serenity Group in my home town. There was a crowd of about 12 people, sad to say most were from treatment centers in this town. They have to go, and I remeber being one of them, and not thinking about how long I would stay sober. Just to sit in an AA meeting and not be nervous was a blessing.

I highly recommend if you are like me, and sober for a while without going , that you go. It was good to talk and share a bit of knowledge that I have learned and how to keep my hands from being idle. There was no miraculous event that took place except that I saw a guy that I went to Church with when I was about 9 years old with 4 years sobriety. Small world it is. I felt like I belonged to this group and was not an outsider. It was a good meeting, about the Big Book.

Who knows I might find a Sponsor like they say to do , that and going to a few more meetings …

God Grant Me the Serenity To stay Sober Today

" God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change those things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference", What a prayer.

It covers you all day long if you think about it during your day today, say this prayer when things get tough out there. Stay sober just for today , you made it through the night, and now It is morning.

You may feel a bit edgy, but it is normal. Yes normal people feel edgy at times. To go out in this world not knowing, can be quite scary to us. We want to know what will happen during the day, some of us think negative . Pray to be positive, and loveing to one another. Just for today.

Have a great day and help someone else , just because you will.

Wed and Sober With You

Well its Wednesday, hard to spell that word? I wonder why? Oh well, just my mind boggling , idiosyncrasy, that plunders on a work week.  I think that makes sence..Its  a Hot day in West Texas and wind blowing and sand storms always. Not the prettiest place in the world. Had anothe r, hmm day at my job. I fix computers, and I never have tried to fix an Alll In One before. I think it was a mess when I finished. I tried damn hard all day to get this thing to work, and to no operation. I had to talk to a guy in India and he frustrated the hell out of me, I kept saying I don't get you? He was only trying to speak English, I can't blame him. Its these darn corporations that have gone global to east India and Pakastan whenre they make a dollar or two, so why would he be in a hurry to help me?

He wasn't. So I stoof online the phone for my call for about an hour, to tech support. Its' frustrating and I was sweating bullets because this is the job I want to keep. Have you found &…

The Sober "Issue Man"

Sometimes it is plain hard to stay sober. Here I am with over 4 years and I have been thinking about what to do next. I am very busy all the time, but that little man inside me as discussed earlier in this blog, screams!

I don't want a drink , I just want something different. A girlfriend maybe , a new car, or just a want. I get agitated as the rest of you do. I know there is a few reading this blog as the numbers are shown. Yet this blog is not for cash, and not a waste of time.

I feel like if I can share the crappy moments with the good ones to someone , they will stay sober also. I don't attend AA very often any more, maybe that is my cue. I don't crave liquor at all, and I am glad. I don't have much to say tonight except , that it was a day. Not a bad day, just a day and I'm a little bummed that my postal card collection is not worth hundreds of dollars. lol

So keep your head up high and don't let the "Issue Man "inside you bring you down. He will an…

Sober and Memorial Day

Usually , this is a great day to BBQ and drink beer and get f...k up and kick it with your friends. If your on the path of recovery,(which you are all the time)/ You realize that you can BBQ and not have beer at your home party and maybe drive home the ones that have been drinking. They will thank you in the end.
Russian friend by ChristopherHyer2011
I use to have a problem with all holidays and those days I made holidays which was everyday. I would suck down a six pack in no time then drive carefully to a 7-11 and buy more beer. How many of you still do this? Is it time to stop?

If you want to stop bad enough, you can. Though not through your will power alone, You must ask God to help you stop for today at least. What better day to stop than Memorial Day. This is a great day to say no thanks, I am trying to quit. That simple, and pray while you day these words, and tonight while still craving that beer or beers or alcoholic drink, thank God you have not had one today. You may fel nervou…

Sober and the "God Prayer"

New Sober Info on "Idle Hands"

The sober person has "Idle Hand" syndrome. "What the hell is this"? Its is a term I made up during my years of sobriety that is true to itself. When your use to doing certain things as smoking a joint or cigarette, your hands are left idle from not drawing the hands up. Those whom have quit know what I am talking about. Opening a beer is just as bad, we are use to popping the top off of a beer can , and Yes we get some sort of satisfaction of the act.

Idle hands syndrome, evolved from my sobriety and use of my hands to do certain activities that will keep you in money as well. Painting, photography, and writing will help with "Idle Hands " syndrome. I have always known there was a need to explain this and now its open to those of you who read my crap on here. Granted its good crap and truthful. Yet to  stay in focus, if your a beer drinker, and use to going to the refrigerator and grabbing a beer. Buy you some bottled root beer. The cap is damn hard to get…

Sober and Living Spiritual

When you get up in the morning, pray to God to lift you up and put a smile on your face. Laugh at yourself, and see how stupid you look. Don't take your self so seriously. You are God's child and he wants to see you smile in the morning. You may feel awful, but actually telling your self that you feel great , will change your thought pattern. Believe me I have lived this way well over 5 years. Positive attitude even if your hung over from the night before.

Get on your knees and pray to God at times when the day will seem to much to bare. It will change you. The program of Sobriety, or being calm is to pray and meditate.

What are you going to do for someone else today. What can you possibly do to make this person feel good. Maybe it is a stranger you meet in a restauraunt or on the street, say something up lifting and you will feel great. Try it. Try no t to think about yourself, and how you feel , think about the other guy or girl.

Help someone out today do what they can't do…

The Real McCoy- Chris Raymer Soberiety Discussed

Chris Raymer got sober in AA, not a treatment center. He lived in Lewisville at the time and attended a meeting there when everything else had failed. In 1982 he sobered up for the last time , hehas been active on the AA speaker circuit ever since this time. He speaks of AA in terms that are realistic. He is a testament to how one can live and die externally and still make it sober. He is a one eyed jack of all trades with AA. He is amusing and excited when he talks. He believes to stay sober you have to help other alcoholics, period. Implement the 12 steps into the system of AA and help others with drug and alcohol problems all over the world is what this man succeed has became. he is from Ingram , Texas and has worked at La Hacienda Treatment Center in Hunt, Texas for well over ten years. every single day he delivers his message.

He explains that AA has changed or needs a change. He worked his steps on the 1st day of staying sober at an AA meeting in Lewisville, Texas. As he said, he…

I. Sobriety: The Spiritual Malady "issue man"