Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday 06/21/2013 Big Book Series

The "Big Book" of AA says this,"half measures availed us nothing.We stood at the turning point.We asked his protection and care with complete abandon." What does this mean to you? 

Chris Raymer in New York City Speaks in this video, He is from Ingram , Texas and is excellent!!
I think it means that we tried to do things half ass and they were not good enough. We still fell on our own habits and forgot about God and now is the time to fully understand him and how he works. Here are the steps to recovery is the next sentence.

SO we tried and we fell, unless we changed our attitudes, we are destined for more misery. I don't want that in my life, do you? So we took on the twelve steps of recovery and tried to work these into our daily lives. This is all try to work these steps to the best we could is all God ask from us. Say your morning prayers and ask for God to lift you up and prepare you for the day ahead.

This is a program for living life sober and just wanting a new plan of action for ourselves. Not much to ask for and if prayed for , all would happen. belief in a spirit greater than yourself , because it is true, stop trying to run the show, or you will fail. Thi is a tough act to follow with our stubborn heads running the show, try today to let God run the show. Forgive those that cut you off when driving, Say " God Bless them", Yell it at them.. It feels god instead of cussing anyway.

Have a sober day today and go hit a AA meeting at noon if possible, they are a great refresher for me. Then look forward to tonight when you will be around your AA friends and live a little. Life is fun, and even in its weakest moment, you can laugh at yourself, and go on... God Bless....

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