Saturday, June 8, 2013

Robert Cray and Peter Frampton Sober concert

Tonight in Midland, Texas we have some good new and old music coming to town. Robert Cray Band and Peter Frampton. Second concert I have gone sober to in two years. It is interesting now, that you can't smoke or drink in a concert in this auditorium we are goijng to. Its very luxurious and they do have a open bar you can buy drinks at. However , I am taking my son and we will have a blast  enjoying the music I could not get to see as a teenager as these guys were hot in the 70s and 80s.

This is Saturday and I have made reservations to go to Kerrville to La Hacienda treatment center to pick up my four year sober chip. I thought , wow , what better place to pick this up. So i made Hotel arrangements and called to make sure I could come to their AA meeting next weekend. All is on. So I am looking forward to this event as well.

Once you start living in the spirit , the spirit starts living in you. It's an odd deal that is hard to explain. I have open so many doors from AA and the people that do not go to AA. My life has changed even from writing this blog from a few weeks ago. Positive , I think it is. My negative thoughts seem to disapear now. I still have them, just not so often. I look forward to the next day or hour.

I highly suggest you open up a blog and write your journal in it like I am doing. It will open many doors up in your head. It will show you how far you have come in a short while. I am more spiritual and the Issue Man is calm inside me. No battling it out with myself anymore, just accepting life as it is. Very new for me even after 4 years of sobriety. You get better day by day, if you want to. You have to want this way of life, or it won't come to you.

Have a great sober night if you can, if not call someone and talk to them. Be positive in all you do and thank God for what you have. Have a good night.

Oh yeah , got a sponsor today and he is cool. Day by day, night by night you can beat this disease. I am living proof of this. God Bless...

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