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Sunday, March 18, 2018

CBD an excuse to smoke Hemp?

As I go through my trial phase with CBD oil from Hemp plants, I discovered a new product. This is called Dabbing Wax, that is CBD concentrate because I wanted the real CBD and this is the strongest you can get. I bought the needed supplies and wax on Saturday and was in a hurry to see how this made me feel. You put the wax, little slivers into a heating, pipe and smoke it, only one hit and boom. I felt high as a kite a rush like never before since quitting Pot. It was just the initial first hit off the pipe that the rush was there, I thought I was going to fall down, what a rush I thought. Then a calm after effect, but is this really an excuse to get high off CBD? I am not sure how I feel about smoking wax this way to get rid of panic, I think it might be an excuse to get high for a short breathe of the initial rush. I have to be careful because this is all legal but so is alcohol. SO for those who really want to feel what true CBD does to you try the wax. I am laying off of this until I know more about this shit. Don't wantto trade one habit for another. Just Saying!!!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

What usually happens? The show doesn’t come off very well.

The show for me is every day living and working . SOmetimes it does not go very well and that is when I need the strength of God to help me through. I pray in the mornings and read the Big Book beofre work. I ask for his forgiveness, and that I may make it through another day. This is not hard to do , and I pray that my prayers will come to light. So far so good. I am new at my company and I have a lot to learn, I am very tired this morning and would rather stay home. This is my old sick thinking is what I have. I pray for God to lift my sprits and to guide me through today. I pray for my family that they may have a pleasant day. I pray, and pray and pray.

I believe you cannot pray enough, as my prayers tend to come true. I am a hard headed individual that wants to learn what I am doing and it is hard work this time. There is no easy solution. I want to fit in and become a part of something and I am trying to hard , maybe. I will ask God to guide me through today and give me strength as I go through today. You might need to do this also. Prayer really helps and to stay sober a spiritual relationship with God is needed. I think I have this. I hope you have a good day and I pray that all my readers have a good day as well. Christopher

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Rarely have we seen a person fail !!!

The rest of this passage
By Chris Hyer 2013
is very well known.
We try to not take that first drink and we try to make amends while in the program of AA. We try all the time not to step on others toes. Yes, as Alcoholics we try!! Thats all we can do is try to succees in what we are attempting to do. Whether it be work or quitting a drug or drink, we at least give it full effort to try and make use of ourselves. If we don't we have already failed. So trying is number one if you ask me for this program. Try to be the person you want to be and you will be that person.

This is Wed, and halfway through the week ,What can you try to do today that you have not done yet. Something that bothers you makes for good practice. That way you willl have God behind you and you will not fail. Ask God for his help today to try new things out. Ask him to hold you and guide you through the light of the day and the darkness of the night. Try Try Try!!!!God Bless.. Christopher

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Tuesday of Hope for Sobriety

Well, I made it through my first day of work, only to have my Dental appt. today. I have a few teeth that have to have root canals done to them this morning. I may be out of work for a while or all day. This upsets me because I just started, yet my boss is aware of this situation. I am glad I did nto have to lie about anything, I had to have them done, ASAP, as they are hurting very badly.

The thing with being an alcoholic is we put things off . I do at least and my teeth are bad from years of smoking and drinking. They are getting better, but I have been through three years of reconstruction. I am in the final phase of this Dentist, so hopefully , this will all end soon. I have practically bought a Ferrari for this Doctor. He is good and knowledgeable, and my work knew ahead of time I had to have this work done, so be it.
Chimes by Chris Hyer 2013

I will have to take Hydrocodone for the pain and It makes me feel good if I remeber this, I am smart as to only takeing one of these usually, for the pain. I do not want to run rampid with this medication and I have not so I am not worried. It kills the pain and makes me goofy.

My new job is good and it will take me time in getting to know all that needs to be done. I hope my employer knows I am a bit slow as to catching on. I can only do what I am capable of doing. Having a new employer and getting things done the way they want them to be done is a challenge. I can do it though. God is watching over me as I pray while I work. It does work. God Bless...Christopher

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday and a Beautiful Day to be Sober

I met a woman last night from CL and she was about my age. We hit it off right from the start aqnd began to talk. She asked about my past , and as honest as I am. She inquired, "You would be hard to be in a committed relationship because what if you decided to drink again?" , Well that stumped me and I said you don't. I can only tel you that I will not in all probability go back to how I was or I will be dead. Shocked , as she seemed to be, I told her I had been as low as I could go this time. I lost my life almost this time when I sobered up, and I will never forget this.

Texarkana, Ark. Chris Hyer 2011
How many of you have had this question brought up to you? It was difficult to swallow at first. Would all women thing the same thing? Do I really care? I would have to  say that I could not give her a good answer. I am not on this earth to please a stranger, I am here to stay sober and productive and make a living. If it comes right down to it , I will never marry again and be just fine. I willl have the same questioned asked, I am sure. It's these little things that can really ruin it for me. I try to adhere to the AA program and some people think your some kind of freak or not good enough for them. They are wrong and there are millions of us in relationships al over the world. We are n
ot a glum lot, we are happy individuals, and God driven. They just don't understand this and so be it.

I start a new job on Monday with a Christian company and I look forward to this new position in life. I look ahead and with a future for my life and it involves no drugs or drinking. It involves doing the best for my employer and staying up with AA at the same time. God will be with me through the day and so I do not worry or concern myself with any outcome. I use to get drunk before I started a new job, and the result was so they could get use to the real me back then. I do not need to do this anymore, I can sleep fine at night and wake up early enough to write on my blog and get to work on time. That is my goal and I pray this works out fine. I know it will. I am in recovery for the rest of my life, and it is ok. Accept me for who I am not and who I am. I am very proud of what I do not do anymore and you should be also. Work the steps at home and at work and pray constnatly with God and all things can be accomplished. Chris

Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday 07/19/2013 God Grant Me Serenity!!

I am between jobs right now, and though I have secured one starting this coming Monday . I have had dead spots in the day where I have to sit down and just wonder what to do next. I have found that writing has helped in my boredom. I write this blog almost daily and most of those that read this blog are from Russia. I think that is cool, and I hope they get something out of this blog, in fact I write in this for serenity and to help other alcoholics . That is my hope at least , yet it is a journal of my life also. A way for me to reflect upon the days and look forward to the next day. I suggest you start a blog and just start writing what comes from your heart.

Serenity By Chris Hyer 2013
Even the pain of daily living can be too much for some of us. If we work these steps , though, we will find that there are things that need to be done. In the cities there are marathon AA meetings and I wish I lived where these happened. I do not and have to wait usually for 8pm meetings and though I find it difficult to go to these meetings. I do. It helps to be in a room of other people that go to AA, you will feel the spirituality in the room , and once someone starts to talk , you can tell the ones , that really work this program . It really works. You have to work it though, it is not a difficult task, but one we need to live by. Daily living includes using the 12 st
eps of AA in our daily living just to live one day at a time, if not one hour...

I have lost the desire for drink, and this in itself is a miracle. I do have times when I smell wine or beer and think about it, but for only a few seconds, then the obsession goes away. I have well completed step one to its fullest potential. You can also get to this point. It will no longer haunt you to be around those that are drinking and going into a convenience store to buy whatever and seeing a fellow buy a suitcase of beer is normal. You may think about this for a moment, but God takes the feeling away from you almost instantly and you go about your day.

God grant me the serenity, and he does this everyday. I have not had a bad day since being sober for almost 5 years. It does work the program and people from AA make this possible with the help of your higher power. God is my higher power and I seek him now as I pass this message to other people that may find this helpful in their lives. We are not a glum lot, we a re happy that we do not have hangovers this morning, and are fairly stable in our heads as to what needs to be done for this day. God Bless and have a good weekend... Come Back....CHristopher

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

To Drink is To DIe

We had to smash the idea that we could drink or it killed us. The Big Book reminds us that controlled drinking was all we wanted to have. We have the disease of alcoholism, and this spiritual malady or "issue man" inside us makes this possible. Inside you may have another drink left in you, don't even think this for a moment. We know to drink is to die. It is our death sentence to take one drink as it tends to lead to another sometimes slowly others it takes just one drink that will lead to another. We have tried all forms of controlled drinking or drugging. Trying it in the morning only or just one in the evening, then to succumb to the fact that we could drink two or more now, back to the races we went, and fell into an insane asylym. Back to treatment or death to most of us.

Hunt , Texas by Christopher Hyer 2013
Please do not believe you can control your drinking, and do not take this test. If you are like myself, it will be the last thing in your mouth, and you will not wake up. This is not living, AA gives us the tools for living and that is with the spritual God in our hearts telling us this drinking has to quit or it will kill us. The obsession to drink may not completly go away , but will if you truly work step one. Step one is the most important step we could have in our hearts and life. We have to believe in a power greater than ourselves, could restore us to sanity and not take that one drink.

God is all powerful, look at your self in the mirror and laugh this morning and this afternoon, soon you will be able to laugh all day long, and without a drink. You are with the spirit of God and he is wonderful and grateful to you for being strong
against the devil. The devil is evident now is he not? You know what to do whne the drink thing comes to your mind, there sits on one side the devil on the other is God's spirit, who do you want on your side.

The God concept is not a new one and if we truly believe he can conquer all our fears if asked. Pray to God and ask him to relieve the pain of drink and give you life today. Look at a child and see his innocence. This is you reflecting back . You are a child of God and this is good. He watches over you if asked. He needs to be asked, though. Faith without works is dead.God respects you as much as you respect him, its a mirroring effect , and it works. Millions of alcoholics and drug addicts have lived this way since being sober, you can too, so can I. God Bless and Keep your head up high, God is riding with you right now. God Bless and have a great day...Christopher07/17/2013

Monday, June 3, 2013

Spiritual Blessings

Everyday I have spiritual blessings that come upon me. I don't realize this until I stop. Yet I have God in my head all day long. He sometimes seems to disapear, and that is when I am not consciously thinking about his will. I don't think any of us think all the time about God. I wish I could be better at being spiritual, I am working on it. This is hard for a guy who drank his spirits. Now we have to learn to live with  a spiritual principle or we die.

A true believer in alcoholics anonymous, is one who believes in God as his savior. If not all odds are off and your off to the race. The spiritual malady inside each and every one of us has to be realized and accepted to really take on such a mission with God. You have to give up your soul for good , even to those who do bad to you. It is a tough order and no one among us is perfect in our spirituality. We can try to make it better by reading and attending AA meetings though.

Just a thought, what have you done today to help someone? Have a good night talk to you in the morning. 06/03/2013

Monday, May 27, 2013

Sober and Memorial Day

Usually , this is a great day to BBQ and drink beer and get f...k up and kick it with your friends. If your on the path of recovery,(which you are all the time)/ You realize that you can BBQ and not have beer at your home party and maybe drive home the ones that have been drinking. They will thank you in the end.
Russian friend by ChristopherHyer2011
I use to have a problem with all holidays and those days I made holidays which was everyday. I would suck down a six pack in no time then drive carefully to a 7-11 and buy more beer. How many of you still do this? Is it time to stop?

If you want to stop bad enough, you can. Though not through your will power alone, You must ask God to help you stop for today at least. What better day to stop than Memorial Day. This is a great day to say no thanks, I am trying to quit. That simple, and pray while you day these words, and tonight while still craving that beer or beers or alcoholic drink, thank God you have not had one today. You may fel nervous , and like a rock has hit you in the face. But you accomplished one large feet that could
last a lifetime and save you money .

God Grant me the serenity to stay sober today as I cannot change , the desire to change ( to stop drinking) the things I can. God Help me. You will have a spiritual experience some faster tthan others. If you make it through just today , you have made quite an effort. Goto an AA group and sit there and squirm with the others that are feeling the way you do. You will feel as though your not the only one suffering if you go.

Nothing in life is easy , you know this. Quitting is very hard, and people in AA do agree upon this. Its staying off the booze that is your next exercise and it gets easier as time goes by if you keep spiritual faith in God. Yes, you must believe in God , this is a spiritual program of quitting, and we cannot do this without his help. Not a one of us could. Have a great Monday, and get some work done at the house with you Idle Hands.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sober and the "God Prayer"

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference!”
Photos by cpy2013

This prayer is for everyone, alcoholic or not, it covers a wide range of daily living. Is that not all we seek? What a prayer that can cover all angles of life and what one person can accomplish in this prayer.
There are things we have no control over. It could be your husbands drinking, or his Saturday nights out at the casino. You can tell someone you don’t like what they are doing with their lives, but you can’t tell them how to live.

God will undoubtedly give you what you don’t have. Whether it is money, clothes or friendship. If you pray, and sincerely need these items they will come if prayed and asked for it. Be careful what you ask for you might get it.

Have a fantastic time and tell yourself this will be an perfect time for you to help another human being. Pay it forward to another human being, and give of yourself to him or her. Have a blessed day!!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

New Sober Info on "Idle Hands"

The sober person has "Idle Hand" syndrome. "What the hell is this"? Its is a term I made up during my years of sobriety that is true to itself. When your use to doing certain things as smoking a joint or cigarette, your hands are left idle from not drawing the hands up. Those whom have quit know what I am talking about. Opening a beer is just as bad, we are use to popping the top off of a beer can , and Yes we get some sort of satisfaction of the act.

Idle hands syndrome, evolved from my sobriety and use of my hands to do certain activities that will keep you in money as well. Painting, photography, and writing will help with "Idle Hands " syndrome. I have always known there was a need to explain this and now its open to those of you who read my crap on here. Granted its good crap and truthful. Yet to  stay in focus, if your a beer drinker, and use to going to the refrigerator and grabbing a beer. Buy you some bottled root beer. The cap is damn hard to get off like a beer and the bottle resembles a beer bottle, and it will cut your fingers just like a real beer bottle. How cool is this!! Pretty damn sick, I would say, but true. Try it , is what I say and if it makes a difference and keeps you sober, than always try new ideas from nuts like me, that have had "Idla Hand " syndrome since day one of sobriety. Here is my new blog on this "Idle Hand " syndrome theory I cam up with. I hope this helps one person out there. Please comment. Have a great weekend.

Time Moves Forward with a Clear Head

Alcohol, and drugs can blur our minds, and make us believe in things that are not true. When I sobered up , reality was hard to handle . I b...