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Sunday, January 20, 2019

One Way to Start You Day Sober

The alarm bell goes off.
You slowly open your eyes.
A new day lies before you.
A day of unexplored potential and opportunities. Not only out there in the world, but inside of yourself too.
So how can you get your day and more importantly yourself off to great and self-esteem boosting start today?
Well, one good way to get off to a good start is to have a note, a reminder on your bedside table that will be one of the first things you see after you have woken up.
A simple suggestion for what to write down on your note to boost your own self-esteem consistently each morning is...
Set a low bar for self-appreciation.
Write down: "Today I will set a low bar for self-appreciation". Read it and try to keep it in mind during the day.
Do not only appreciate yourself today when you do something perfectly or when you do something really important.
Instead, appreciate the little things too.
How you did the dishes today. How you replied to a whole bunch of emails.
How you are kind and helpful to your kids, partner or friends.
Make a decision to be kind to yourself today. To appreciate the good things that you do but you and others may take for granted.
Be your own best friend and keep lifting yourself, your mood and self-esteem upwards step by small step today.
Get some kindness over breakfast.
Instead of watching the news or reading the usual papers and magazines and getting a negative, subtly self-destructive and perhaps depressing start to your day do something that will inspire you and make you feel good about yourself.
Read one or a couple of new posts or newsletters from uplifting and self-esteem boosting blogs or websites.
Read a chapter from a book that makes you feel good about yourself.
Or have a kind, appreciative and warm conversation with the people closest to you around your kitchen table.
Have a wonderful Sunday!

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