Back in the Saddle Again, Sober

I had to get away from AA for a few days and refresh myself from the war stories. I am feeling better that I took a break and ready to go to a 10am Meeting this morning. I think making a few meetings in a week is going to be where I will not burn out so much. We will see, it really is noce to go to meetings and see some good folks and say hi to them.

I made some decisions that are based on how I feel about going to meetings everyday and to my 4 year chip that I could care less. It really means nothing to me, maybe when I reach 5 years increments, that will be a celebration of sorts. What matters is staying sober and living life to the best I can. I write a lot and this gets my feelings out, and I suggest for you to do this. It is good for your soul and read about positive affirmations and meditate. Meditation is good, and these are a lot of you tube videos for self-hypnosis that really can calm down a mind that races .

You still have to enjoy every day and if something bothers you change it. Like the prayer goes"God grant me the serenity to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference"I have taken this prayer to another level and discovered it really works when you work with yourself. This is a selfish program that does reflect positively on other people when you work it. Here is a video on meditation I pulled from You Tube and hope this helps you like it has helped me , even for 5 minutes of relief, it is worth it. Have a great weekend. God Bless.


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