Sunday The Day of Rest

Take it easy today, is the slogan of this Sunday 06/21/2013. Sometimes our dreams are not God's dream for us, yet how do we know? I have a dream of shooting surfing on North Padre Island Texas and I have lived this dream, but not on my time. God decides when your dreams are to happen and how to prepare for these dreams, give your heart and soul and prayer to God and let him make that decision. Is this an easy task, of course not. It is something we have to do everytday, is ask for his forgiveness in our own selfish ways. Then pray for the things in your life to change. They will in time. The spiritual malady that exists in each and every one of us, is to have what we want now.

It is too unrealistic to get what we want on our own time, Thy will be done , not ours. It's hard to swallow that line, yet when we do all sorts of wonderful things in our lives start to happen. When I surrender myself to God to do with me as he sees fit, I get an answer but maybe not the answer to a question I originally asked for. Hardly , I can remember what I asked for in the beginning because as time passes through each day we strive for something new. If its materialistic, I don't know how God answers this prayer, if it is to keep us from thinking about drinking the obsession wears away after some time, and the thought will creep into my head on occasion, but to act on this would be devastating . I know this from experience or learning from my prayers. We have to walk spiritually with God all through the day and hope the decisions we make , will impress God. He runs the show, we are mere puppets that should follow His lead. Taking control out of your hands and giving this to a higher power such as God is not even conceived by most church goers. If you have mastered this effort, then you know what I talk about.

To master the effort of letting go and let God is a learned behavior. It can come easily by prayer to God for his guidance in our days. It is proven that this is the only way to stay sober is the steps of AA mixed with a spiritual guidance of God. It does work and you have to work at it. Faith without works is dead, comes to mind. This is a keen example of how one can come to grip with his higher power. Let go today and let God into your life, and see how tonight you have made progress as a person throughout the day, and pray to God before you go to sleeep for not only yourself to have a spiritual relationship , yet show you the way to the devine presence of his way of thinking. It works, if you  let go and Take It easy. Chris Hyer  


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