Saturday, January 20, 2018

Busy Recovering Alcoholic

Well, it has been some time since I have written, and I think I am going to get honest on this site because I have not been. I have been sober of illegal drugs and alcohol for almost 9 years. I do have a mental condition known as ADD to Panic Attacks. I take medicine for these issues and have been for most of my life. I don't know if I am right for doing what I do, but I cannot function without the medication in a way that will make me productive and happy. I have tried several times getting off the meds but I always came back to them because I could not work or do anything. I was housebound. Most in alcoholism recovery would say I am covering up something that could be worked out in the 12 steps, I cannot. Yes, I have tried and yet I feel guilty almost every day for taking this prescribed medication for my mental disorder and have not found any help in the small city I live in. There are cities in Dallas and Houston that have a way of recovery but I do not have the luxury to go to these clinics. I have to work and keep money coming in. So this is my self-inflicted level but is it. If I had cancer I would take treatment, well I have a mental disorder that can only be controlled by medication or long-term therapy in which I don't have the resources in my little city.
I guess this is a confession because I am not perfect but I have stayed off the drugs and alcohol that made my life miserable and no I did not trade it for other drugs. I have had the mental disorder before the alcohol and other things I use to ingest. This blog is for me and not for anyone else, and someday I will look back and see what I have written and maybe where I went wrong. Maybe this will be one of them. I'm sober it is Sat night and I work Sunday as usual. People will tell me different things about what I do from AA, however, it is the individual, and God that make the end choices. Please comment on this if you like. I'm not perfect nor profess to know about addiction like a professional, but these so-called pros do they really know what it is like to live agoraphobic and do they know how to live sober after 30 years of drinking. So many choices, you have to make your own. God Bless Chris

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