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Beautiful Day In Wonderland, Sober Again

Its a sunny, and hot morning in West Texas, I had a great evening with a young lady that is just superb. I met her at AA and she is quite the spiritual one. I need this in my life, we closed down the Outback Steakhouse last night, and she was a colorful person. Very pretty and soft spoken, but funny. She will radiate in my mind today. However I have a tough day ahead of me like I guessed I would.

I will let God into my system and let him work miracles in me today. I need him every hour to be with me. I rely upon God to help you and me. He does miracles , when I can't do my work right. I fix computers and I have a All in One to fix and totally break down and rebuild this morning and another PC after that one. Can I do them all, we will see.  I am going to Fed ex to pick up parts and then off to my first account this am.

I have a great weekend to look forward to , I get my four year chip from the treatment center, La Hacienda on Sunday in  Ingram , Texas. God's country and I get to relax a bit. My friend Harry is 90 and is being moved into Rehab and I hope he can hold on to let me say Hello and possibly goodbye to him. God Bless and have a sober and fun day...


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