Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Life As We Know It

Life as we know it. What a concept. How are we to determine what is best for us to do today. Do we pray everyday for a miracle to happen? It is difficult sometimes to know what to do. I have spent a life time of doing what I wanted to do, and not getting anything accomplished. I worked a numerous amount of different jobs from my drinking days. Most of these jobs were white collar jobs and now I get confused about who I really am. It is hard to put on a resume all you have done and make sense of this to an employer. There are ways of working around this and I have done this. I try to combine my strengths into one category and put time into this on my resume. Being self -employed offers this advantage. You can have multiple experiences doing many things and list them. It has helped me in my job quest, and it is being truthful.
Frogger By Christopher Hyer 2013

Being a recovered alcoholic is difficult for the job seeker back into the marketplace. You have held many positions and you must convince the employer that you are dependable and will not have a slip or fall back into alcoholism. This makes for a tough time in an interview and do you  even tell them you are recovering from this disease? That is the milion dollar question, it can make you or break a person. If you tell them you are a sober individual and do not drink or do drugs , I have found this to be positive and leave it at this. An employer wants to know whom he is hiring. It confirms that you will show up every day and with a straight head on. So , as far as my interviews go , I tell them this , that I have been sober for over 4 years and have a spiritual program that keeps me this way. I cannot speak for you, but it has had a positive influence on those I tell this to. It has
not ran off anyone, that I am aware of. You have to feel this person out, and he might be alcoholic and ask how did you do it? Then your into another aspect of helping this person out, in which in AA this is what we do. It will nail the job and you will have a new employer who may end up wanting what you have. This has happened to me also.

Life as we know it , is to live honestly and to shut up when we need to. Therefor , my experiences may not be what you adhere to. I don't expect you to do what I have done in my interview process, yet it can explain why I am employable now and how lucky the employer is to have a non-drinker working at his facility. This can work against you depending on what position you are applying for, yet it seems like honesty is the best policy for me. The employer knows that I reluctantly told the truth, and he is more trusting knowing that I tell the truth. Some do not care, and just brush it off, they possibly have someone in their life that drinks to much. They may ask you for advice in how to deal with a loved one, and this makes you more important to them now.

Use you own judgement in this process of your life, do you keep your sobriety a secret or do you share this with others? This is your choice. I chose to inform employers not to tell them I am in AA, I just don't drink is what I say, I have in the past and have decided it best I don't drink anymore is what I usually say. Then that is it, no questions on if I am an alcoholic or not. I think it goes without saying that this employer will think highly of you , though may treat you different at functions that involve alcohol, this is the chance you take...Hope this helps out...Christopher

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Running With The Lord

Its funny how life just keeps throwing us curve balls in life. We make life what it is today. God provides us with a brain and activities to work our brain with. With so many of us with years of drinking and drugs , we are all miracles. It is a miracle that one can get sober and still function in this world as a productive and empowering human being. We have great insight as to what not to do , and what to do. By working the steps in the AA program, How could you go wrong? You really can't , you give your life over to God and he takes control. You have to be willing and able to do this. He makes this possible , by giving us the strength of sobriety , and prayer, all things can be accomplished , big and small. I am living proof of this.

I quit a job where there was verbal abuse and it brought me into another job , in only one days time. It is amazing how this life works when we let go and give effort. Prayer does it for me, and constantly not giving up. I am a fighter , more than I thought I was. Maybe you are also this way, and you also know what I speak of. The miracle of another job , better in money and befits and a better boss. God wants the best for us, and I am not saying what I did was right or wrong, last week. I did what I felt I had to do , and just in time for another opportunity to knock on my door. God is with us even when we are not consciously knowing it.

I was dreading work last week after only a few days , but the verbal abuse was too much. No one should have to put up with this and God knew this. He provided me with an out. I have not actually started the new job , but it looks hopeful. through God all things are possible, this is a major company that was closely related to the other job. Very close, and it blew me away when I had my interview. I have been going to AA a little more often, and prayer is still a large part of my day, and night. I think al is alright and when you run with the lord, you can not go wrong.

Just a Guy
Maybe its the good living practices I am doing that is making the difference in my life. Being over 4 years sober is key to using God as a way to deal with the daily stresses in my life. I have not given up on this blog because I have so many readers now. Why is this? Maybe I am helping out those that need a little bit of guidance from a guy who at one time was in a trash can getting his daily meal. Of course, this is true and now , I don't have to dive in this direction, because I
am sober. Without sobriety I would be dead. there is no two ways about this disease and I shake thinking of this alternative. I was close to death this time I cleaned up. That is what helps me stay sober is the remembrance of how bad it really got in my drinking. Please get help if you can't seem to stop, your life will take a turn. It takes time, but overnight you will feel the benefits of sobriety.

You may be asking how do I stop Chris? The first thing to do is put the bottle down and call AA or a treatment facility and know that you really want to stop. You have to really want to stop ,, or you will go back just as fast as you sober up. This does not work where you can drink again, it must not, or you will never grow up and out of the drink. It will kill you sooner than later if you have been drinking  for a long term situation. If you slip and drink, get your ass to a meeting and tell the group that you fucked up, and they will help you. You have to humble yourself all the way through the program of AA and take steps that may seem embarrassing to you. This is called growth. Your family and loved ones will be affected also , and they will see a new you. It takes time though, and strength from God . There is no other solution. Death or a Drink. Period.  Christopher

Monday, July 29, 2013

Good Monday Morning

Well the sun is out and the birds are chirping and , we are all alive. This is a good deal , right? God grant us the serenity to do the things we need to do. I have a lot of things to acomplish toda
y. I had a rough week last week and this week will be ok starting with today. I was lucky enough to have an interview inperson and over the phone with a large corporation last friday. I am looking at a very good position with a manufacturer this afternoon. I have the qualifications and I will be working mostly by myself. I will have to travel to Chicago, Huntington Beach, and Atlanta on occasion. SO this would be nice . When things get tough, and you hang in there like I have been, good things seem to happen. I call them miracles. God miracles.

I am feeling pretty secure with what this fellow has to offer me in the way of work today. I hope he decides to take me on. I will pray about it, and hopefully it will come true. I will not know until this afternoon. I met a girl from Silsbee, Texas online and she is a doll. I don't know what to think about her, though. She is quite young and beautiful, and she and I talked all weekend. There is a part of me that just wants to marry this girl and go from there, but I need a job first and then we will see about a relationship.

In a way I am tired of being alone, I am not really lonely but to have a special girl with me at all times, is not heard of. It has been over 16 years since I have been married. This girl I speak of is half my age and mature, but this could be an issue. I like them young, and spunky as this keeps me feeling young. If I still attract this type of women , why not go for it. Go ahead and make her a part of my life. I don't care what people would say, I would love her anyway. We will see how this week goes I guess, sorry for the rambling. Have a good day..Christopher

Thursday, July 25, 2013

God I offer Myself To Thee

I tried and tried to get along with my new manager at work and he is either racist or has a dry sense of humor. I left my job this morning , and reluctantly so. I was asked to put together a machine that I have no idea of what I was doing. I was verbally abused by this man , in a way that was wrong in my mind. He asked if I was a Technician and he was curious as to how good I really was. Hell I only was with them for three days. I am a good technician, and have worked on copiers for over 2 years. The product was different than what I was use to , but I figured they would give me a while to learn theirs. Maybe I took everything the wrong way, but it was like I could not do anything as good as this fellow wanted.

The Worlds a Stage
I prayed and prayed about this every morning noon, and night and on the job. I finally this morning had my fill of it and left my key and a note , and my damn screwdriver that He called Richard. He had fired a guy who did not have his tools with him on a job , and just because he did not bring in his tools the boss of mine fired this fellow. He might have had other issues, but I had to walk around with a 20" screwdriver all the time. I thought this was kind of weird and stupid. Yet I did it and was willing to do most anything to keep this job.

I don't think this guy knows he was verbally abusing me , I think it may just be his attitude towards certain people. I forgive as much as I can but can only put up with so much abuse, whether intended or if it was for his enjoyment.I did , however call the owner and explained to him why I left to his answering machine. I am not trying to get anyone fired and I am sure I will not. This fellow will probably just say I was no good for this company. He will make it look like I was not of value to this company. I know people that are this way, they think they know everything and then sit their intentions on other people. He knew I was going to take his verbal assaults and he continued this, as an affirmation to me that I was not worth being there. I would of blown up if he confronted me again, so I did what I thought was correct and left.

No one should be questioned if they are qualified for a job after being hired for said job. No one should be mentally tainted with the notion that you are not good enough to be there working. Especially a manager until sufficient time to learn how they operate their business.

I called my sponsor and told him after I got home, and was upset about this whole ordeal. He listened and that is what a sponsor does. He does not judge and he did not agree or disagree with what I had to say. I did what I did for my own sanity. I was sweating bricks this morning , trying to do the work I was asked to do. I did finish this , and I did a good job. After thinking about what other words would come out o
f this fellows mouth , I made my decision to leave. No one was around anyway, and I am not good at quitting a job.

Well onto other things I suppose, and I don't have to drink over this . I have thought about taking a long drive, but this may be what I will do. God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. That is all I have to say on this matter today. Have a good day...Christopher

What usually happens? The show doesn’t come off very well.

The show for me is every day living and working . SOmetimes it does not go very well and that is when I need the strength of God to help me through. I pray in the mornings and read the Big Book beofre work. I ask for his forgiveness, and that I may make it through another day. This is not hard to do , and I pray that my prayers will come to light. So far so good. I am new at my company and I have a lot to learn, I am very tired this morning and would rather stay home. This is my old sick thinking is what I have. I pray for God to lift my sprits and to guide me through today. I pray for my family that they may have a pleasant day. I pray, and pray and pray.

I believe you cannot pray enough, as my prayers tend to come true. I am a hard headed individual that wants to learn what I am doing and it is hard work this time. There is no easy solution. I want to fit in and become a part of something and I am trying to hard , maybe. I will ask God to guide me through today and give me strength as I go through today. You might need to do this also. Prayer really helps and to stay sober a spiritual relationship with God is needed. I think I have this. I hope you have a good day and I pray that all my readers have a good day as well. Christopher

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Rarely have we seen a person fail !!!

The rest of this passage
By Chris Hyer 2013
is very well known.
We try to not take that first drink and we try to make amends while in the program of AA. We try all the time not to step on others toes. Yes, as Alcoholics we try!! Thats all we can do is try to succees in what we are attempting to do. Whether it be work or quitting a drug or drink, we at least give it full effort to try and make use of ourselves. If we don't we have already failed. So trying is number one if you ask me for this program. Try to be the person you want to be and you will be that person.

This is Wed, and halfway through the week ,What can you try to do today that you have not done yet. Something that bothers you makes for good practice. That way you willl have God behind you and you will not fail. Ask God for his help today to try new things out. Ask him to hold you and guide you through the light of the day and the darkness of the night. Try Try Try!!!!God Bless.. Christopher

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Updates to Blog For Sobriety

Since I am recovering from the Dentist, I have decided to make use of this blog as it tends to be growing in numbers around the world. This blog now has a translator, because of the Russian community that is present on this blog. I welcome the Russian Alcoholic and all others from around the world to explore my daily routines and rituals, if you will. This blog is for alcoholics and thos whom might be interested in what alcoholisim is. I put my personal accounts or journal into this and sometimes I just put plain facts from other sites to help those of us that need this.

Interesting !! Chris Hyer 2013

I will say this , if an alcoholic , you should build your own blog or be writing about your our story in a personal journal, that way you can see how you have been doing . I have found this to be quite an experience and I see how I have grown from hating AA to loving it. I am a proud recovering or recovered person from drinking alcohol and smoking . I write to inform the masses and myself how far I have come and how this program of rigorous honesty, works with the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. I am sorry to say that the only way to stay sober is to work the steps and work them with a sponsor and attend a few AA meetings every now and then or everyday. Whatever works for you. We are all different, when I mention a higher power , I speak of God and this might throw a whole lot of people off. I am a Ch
ristian though and I have come to believe that God has lifted me and my spirits high and ahs given me the power to pass what I know on to people.

I am in no way an authoritative person,, that thinks my ways work for you. I am just one in a million that try's to adhere to this program the best I can. I have thrown some advertising on here to make use of other ideas. Scientist are always looking for ways to beat this disease and therefor if any of these ads helps you in any way , then so be it. I get help from meditation and reading the Big Book of AA, there are those of you that seek another direction beside AA, I say good luck. I have not found any other way and one must work a 12 step program to stay sober, this is fact. There are no magic pills or words , but there is the spirit of God that can be had from this program and working the steps is the way in finding that spiritual aspect that you will have to have. I am just one example of what God has done for my life with a little bit over 4 years of sobriety, each day is a miracle , that I don't use or drink. I thank God for the family I have , and the way my friends look upon me now. My son is closer to me than ever and loves me. These are the rewards for doing this simple , program. You cannot buy this program or love from an individual, I have tried. I have tried everything your little head is thinking, and I have fallin many times back into the darkness of the insanity. Please comment and leave your testimony if you feel like it. We are not a glum lot , we all need to be loved, and this is good. Christopher

The Tuesday of Hope for Sobriety

Well, I made it through my first day of work, only to have my Dental appt. today. I have a few teeth that have to have root canals done to them this morning. I may be out of work for a while or all day. This upsets me because I just started, yet my boss is aware of this situation. I am glad I did nto have to lie about anything, I had to have them done, ASAP, as they are hurting very badly.

The thing with being an alcoholic is we put things off . I do at least and my teeth are bad from years of smoking and drinking. They are getting better, but I have been through three years of reconstruction. I am in the final phase of this Dentist, so hopefully , this will all end soon. I have practically bought a Ferrari for this Doctor. He is good and knowledgeable, and my work knew ahead of time I had to have this work done, so be it.
Chimes by Chris Hyer 2013

I will have to take Hydrocodone for the pain and It makes me feel good if I remeber this, I am smart as to only takeing one of these usually, for the pain. I do not want to run rampid with this medication and I have not so I am not worried. It kills the pain and makes me goofy.

My new job is good and it will take me time in getting to know all that needs to be done. I hope my employer knows I am a bit slow as to catching on. I can only do what I am capable of doing. Having a new employer and getting things done the way they want them to be done is a challenge. I can do it though. God is watching over me as I pray while I work. It does work. God Bless...Christopher

Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday Morning Soberiety and New Job

I start my new job in IT today with a business that is local. I look forward to working outside the house. This is a fortunate position that God has sent my way. I have the jitters a bit this morning but I woke up early and got cleaned up and had enough time to write to this blog. Monday's are usually busy days for most as they set out for the week. I believe that I have found the perfect Christian job , all that work here are Christian and family. They seem to have accepted me and my past alcoholism. I explained to them on my first interview that I was. This is how I am spiritually motivated I said. The man I talked to was impressed, though I was outspoken, it did not hurt my job chance
s. Nor was a drug test even given, I was trusted.
Garden in Midland, Texas 07/21/2013 Chris Hyer

I think working for a Christian company is what God had planned for me, though the work will be difficult, there is training.God does not give us more than what we can handle is what is said, and I believe this and will do my best. I need to calm down and let things be as they are. I slept horribly last night, I guess my first day has made me a bundle of nerves, for I have not been under a employment like this in a while. I was a contractor, and ran the show. I must remeber that I do not run the show, I am an actor for this company and I must slow down and follow their rules. God makes this happen.

I have said my prayers this morning and pray as I do , this makes for a great beginning. I will write at the end of the day to tell how all went. God grant me the serenity to change the things I can the wisdom to know the difference and so on....I have said this prayer possibly 5 times today and the Lords prayer that things work out. I will go forward in pursuit of being productive and knowledgeable this day forward with my life and my work. I dress for the part and look nice and my mind is open for new ideas. I carry with me a cross around my neck in remembrance of Christ and what he has done for me. I wear a ring with a cross , so my fingers will be guided by God. I know this may sound foolish but I believe . I show my belief this way, and flaunt this belief.

Well,have a blessed day and those still drinking , I feel for you and please write and tell me how I could help you via the Internet. I will reply if I can. God Bless. Christopher

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday and a Beautiful Day to be Sober

I met a woman last night from CL and she was about my age. We hit it off right from the start aqnd began to talk. She asked about my past , and as honest as I am. She inquired, "You would be hard to be in a committed relationship because what if you decided to drink again?" , Well that stumped me and I said you don't. I can only tel you that I will not in all probability go back to how I was or I will be dead. Shocked , as she seemed to be, I told her I had been as low as I could go this time. I lost my life almost this time when I sobered up, and I will never forget this.

Texarkana, Ark. Chris Hyer 2011
How many of you have had this question brought up to you? It was difficult to swallow at first. Would all women thing the same thing? Do I really care? I would have to  say that I could not give her a good answer. I am not on this earth to please a stranger, I am here to stay sober and productive and make a living. If it comes right down to it , I will never marry again and be just fine. I willl have the same questioned asked, I am sure. It's these little things that can really ruin it for me. I try to adhere to the AA program and some people think your some kind of freak or not good enough for them. They are wrong and there are millions of us in relationships al over the world. We are n
ot a glum lot, we are happy individuals, and God driven. They just don't understand this and so be it.

I start a new job on Monday with a Christian company and I look forward to this new position in life. I look ahead and with a future for my life and it involves no drugs or drinking. It involves doing the best for my employer and staying up with AA at the same time. God will be with me through the day and so I do not worry or concern myself with any outcome. I use to get drunk before I started a new job, and the result was so they could get use to the real me back then. I do not need to do this anymore, I can sleep fine at night and wake up early enough to write on my blog and get to work on time. That is my goal and I pray this works out fine. I know it will. I am in recovery for the rest of my life, and it is ok. Accept me for who I am not and who I am. I am very proud of what I do not do anymore and you should be also. Work the steps at home and at work and pray constnatly with God and all things can be accomplished. Chris

Friday, July 19, 2013

Promises and Life Mid Afternoon Friday

I just got home from having lunch with my father in Big Spring, Texas. Here is what happened . I left Midland, Texas at 1130am arrived at a restauraunt at 1215pm in Big Spring , Texas. Had a gyro sandwich and found 100.00 bill on the sidewalk. Pocketed the money and was kinda happy. Got in my car to go back home, and enjoyed the top off and was cruising at 80 MPH and all of a sudden the traffic on the highway stopped. As I pulled up to the accident I noticed a black Dodge Ram, on its top in the other lane next to mine coming the wrong direction and bottles of liquor all around the truck. I saw blood coming from the cab and turned my head so I did not see more, I continued on to my city and the traffic was going up to 100 MPH and I was in wonder as to what the hurry was to get to this hell hole called Midland , Texas. Then a near miss in town by a Big truck, almost hit me, and pushed me off the road. I proceeded to the grocery store to buy stuff. I bought drinks and shampoo, had a lady rush right in front of me in the express lane with about 40 items. I waited patiently for this 20 inute checkout , and then put my 4 items down and loaded my car..Got in car , proceeded to back out and a truck was just sitting right behind me. He was not going to move, I got out and asked him to move his ass nicely, and he went , oh, uh ok, and he left. Damn I thought , what an idiot. I decided today was dangerous, I drove into my garage and parked my car. Took my groceries out , and got a text from a massage theapist, I said Yes I could use one, but not now.. Then I got to this blog.
My C6 Top Off Today!!

I stayed sober, content and kept my cool and was blessed all this afternoon in about a 4 hour period. I almost was in a wreck, and saw the damage of a possible drunk driver, and counted my blessings. What an order, I can't go through with it!!lol Well I made out ok, this is a usual day in this city. No wonder we used to drink, I would of had a few if this were a few years back or sit back and turn on
my TV and smoke a joint and just veg out. No not today, I live life and move on and remeber what happened, in a short time. Our lives are short is what I am trying to point out and what all can happen in a matter of hours if not minutes. There is no reason to get high or drink, because I am past this.
I am sure if you look at your day it would be comparable... Chris

Friday 07/19/2013 God Grant Me Serenity!!

I am between jobs right now, and though I have secured one starting this coming Monday . I have had dead spots in the day where I have to sit down and just wonder what to do next. I have found that writing has helped in my boredom. I write this blog almost daily and most of those that read this blog are from Russia. I think that is cool, and I hope they get something out of this blog, in fact I write in this for serenity and to help other alcoholics . That is my hope at least , yet it is a journal of my life also. A way for me to reflect upon the days and look forward to the next day. I suggest you start a blog and just start writing what comes from your heart.

Serenity By Chris Hyer 2013
Even the pain of daily living can be too much for some of us. If we work these steps , though, we will find that there are things that need to be done. In the cities there are marathon AA meetings and I wish I lived where these happened. I do not and have to wait usually for 8pm meetings and though I find it difficult to go to these meetings. I do. It helps to be in a room of other people that go to AA, you will feel the spirituality in the room , and once someone starts to talk , you can tell the ones , that really work this program . It really works. You have to work it though, it is not a difficult task, but one we need to live by. Daily living includes using the 12 st
eps of AA in our daily living just to live one day at a time, if not one hour...

I have lost the desire for drink, and this in itself is a miracle. I do have times when I smell wine or beer and think about it, but for only a few seconds, then the obsession goes away. I have well completed step one to its fullest potential. You can also get to this point. It will no longer haunt you to be around those that are drinking and going into a convenience store to buy whatever and seeing a fellow buy a suitcase of beer is normal. You may think about this for a moment, but God takes the feeling away from you almost instantly and you go about your day.

God grant me the serenity, and he does this everyday. I have not had a bad day since being sober for almost 5 years. It does work the program and people from AA make this possible with the help of your higher power. God is my higher power and I seek him now as I pass this message to other people that may find this helpful in their lives. We are not a glum lot, we a re happy that we do not have hangovers this morning, and are fairly stable in our heads as to what needs to be done for this day. God Bless and have a good weekend... Come Back....CHristopher

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

To Drink is To DIe

We had to smash the idea that we could drink or it killed us. The Big Book reminds us that controlled drinking was all we wanted to have. We have the disease of alcoholism, and this spiritual malady or "issue man" inside us makes this possible. Inside you may have another drink left in you, don't even think this for a moment. We know to drink is to die. It is our death sentence to take one drink as it tends to lead to another sometimes slowly others it takes just one drink that will lead to another. We have tried all forms of controlled drinking or drugging. Trying it in the morning only or just one in the evening, then to succumb to the fact that we could drink two or more now, back to the races we went, and fell into an insane asylym. Back to treatment or death to most of us.

Hunt , Texas by Christopher Hyer 2013
Please do not believe you can control your drinking, and do not take this test. If you are like myself, it will be the last thing in your mouth, and you will not wake up. This is not living, AA gives us the tools for living and that is with the spritual God in our hearts telling us this drinking has to quit or it will kill us. The obsession to drink may not completly go away , but will if you truly work step one. Step one is the most important step we could have in our hearts and life. We have to believe in a power greater than ourselves, could restore us to sanity and not take that one drink.

God is all powerful, look at your self in the mirror and laugh this morning and this afternoon, soon you will be able to laugh all day long, and without a drink. You are with the spirit of God and he is wonderful and grateful to you for being strong
against the devil. The devil is evident now is he not? You know what to do whne the drink thing comes to your mind, there sits on one side the devil on the other is God's spirit, who do you want on your side.

The God concept is not a new one and if we truly believe he can conquer all our fears if asked. Pray to God and ask him to relieve the pain of drink and give you life today. Look at a child and see his innocence. This is you reflecting back . You are a child of God and this is good. He watches over you if asked. He needs to be asked, though. Faith without works is dead.God respects you as much as you respect him, its a mirroring effect , and it works. Millions of alcoholics and drug addicts have lived this way since being sober, you can too, so can I. God Bless and Keep your head up high, God is riding with you right now. God Bless and have a great day...Christopher07/17/2013

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

To my Russian Friends on this site

Здравствуйте, мои русские друзья. Я заметил, что вы большой части аудитории на моем блоге. Я хочу, чтобы вы знаете, что в моих молитвах и добро пожаловать на мой сайт в любое время. Я использую translator написать это, чтобы вы. А.А., я считаю, это в вашей стране. Я когда-нибудь хотели бы посетить Россию и встретиться с некоторыми из людей. Я слышал о красоте и я слышу о бедности, которая меня огорчает. Если вы алкоголик, и я могу помочь вам сохранить некотором смысле трезвости в вашей жизни пожалуйста, напишите мне. Пусть Бог благословит и есть великий день!

Over 60 percent of my readers are Russian this is what the above message says: Hello , my Russian friends. I have noticed that you are a large part of the audience on my blog. I want you to know you are in my prayers and welcome to my site at all times. I am using a translator to write this to you. AA ,I believe is in your country. I someday would like to visit Russia and meet some of the people there. I hear of the beauty and I hear of the poverty that saddens me. If you are alcoholic , and I can help you maintain some sence of sobriety in your life please write to me. God Bless and have a great day!!

Good Day- Thy Will Be Done, Not Mine

In a perfect world, my life would go like I see it. I am wrong , in a perfect world my life will go according to how God sees it. What does he see? I look in the mirror and he sees a sober, handsome , individual, that is sober and has his will of God in his mind. Thy will be done, not mine. This is the motto of this day. As I seek employment from different sources, God makes this all possible, where I had no leads a few days ago to having to pick which job best suits me.

Midland Park after rain Christopherhyer2013
God has his ways of telling me what to do. I don't listen at times, and be quite and shut up. I need peacefulness to hear his word to me, and sometimes his word is written in this blog. I read back a few days back and I can't believe I wrote such articles. Some good , others spiritual, and without provocation I adhere to every word I write.

My goal is for the Alcoholic to see what happens when you sober up and live life day to day. 90 days in the program and 90 meetings is great at first , but don't adhere to these if y
ou cannot, you will let yourself down. Meetings will not make you sober, its your oneness with God, that will keep you  straight and in line with the program of AA. I believe this to this day. If not for my spiritual connection with God I would not be writing these everyday.

This is my journal and I highly believe you write one for yourself. A blog is an easy idea, but a notebook with paper will do just fine. In fact this should be a part of your everyday ritual. It will help you see where you are with the steps and how you feel day to day. Today is a new day and tomorrow is the future, what happens today is god send, and the future is known by God and only him. I have to stay in check with this attitude myself, as I try to skip ahead a few days at a time.

We are not a glum lot, we are happy individuals, that God has given us a daily reprieve contigant upon how we manifest ones self with our spiritual being. God is good and he is forever watching over us and giving direction. Try to catch him working in your life today and see the miracles he performs daily in your life as I try. God Bless and have a Good Day! Christopher

Monday, July 15, 2013

All Men Of Faith Have Courage

In the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous , it goes into the fact that we seek spiritual guidance is by no means we lack courage. In fact , this principle of spirituality just means ,"all men of faith have courage". Ok, so I might have read this wrong, but you know what I am talking about if you have worked the steps. A spiritual beginning takes place when we complete step 4 and read aloud to our sponsor step 5 and work step 6. This is done in succession and honestly done. You cannot lie to yourself and another human being the resentments you have. It makes no sense to even try. If you want what millions of recovered alcoholics have , this and all steps are done in honest, and thought out time.

Chris Raymer Speaks!!
Work these steps fast and thoroughly so that your road to recovery can lead to step 12 , where you help the newcomer who is clueless as to what AA is all about. We need to help the newcomer come to realize step 1 and get him well off his way onto the other steps as soon as possible for him or her to stay sober for more than one more day. This is possible says ,"Chris Raymer. "Work these steps quickly, there is nowhere in the Big Book of alcoholics anonymous that says we seek 4 months of doing step 4 , this is wrong. it only takes a few days if only hours of rigorous honesty".

I stayed dry for three years of my 4 plus years of sobriety and I am a rarity, most do not last this long without some type of support. I went to AA just in time, and if I had started going like I am now, I would not of had the baffling years of insecurity I have had during those three years. I stayed sober or dry , but no program in place. I had a spiritual connection to God already, but there are many who do not understand this concept. Once the steps are in working order for the newcomer, he can go on about living and working , and staying sober. We have to work on the recovering new comer, he came to these meetings because he either had to ( Court Order) or he is seeking answers. Do not waist your time on those that do not want to work this program, let them go out and try some controlled drinking, and he hopefully will return. He may die, so it is important to try to work with the individual as fast as possible.

Once started this new person will come to know that the obsession to drink will go away after the simple step of quitting that one drink. All miracles start with step one, then one miracle after another will continue to be obtained. It works, it really does, if action is taken. God must be found and a spiritual relief has to be received in order to continue. Pray and pray more. Get on your knees and ask for help, and help will be given. Ask for the next day to be better than the last and it will be . I am working proof of this. Read through my blog and see all the miracles that have happen to just myself. I am just one of millions who have worked and fought this program. Hardhead as I was this deal actually works and keeps you from slipping if practiced. God Bless and have a Great Monday..07/15/2013

Sunday, July 14, 2013

William James and AA: The Beginninge of Billl W's Spiritual Malady

In reading and watching a film about Bill Wilson , AA father and founder. William James , a great Philosopher and Writer from the 1800s to his death in 1910 , had a huge impact on the AA program.  Bill w. goes to explain on his last binge when in an asylum for drinking his last time. He discovered a book by ,"William James",. This book would have a sustained impact on Bill , he found a spiritual connection with God after reading this book and stayed sober from then on.

I dare you to read this book, it is called,"Varieties of Religious Experiences" by William James. He was a man who struck head on with the spiritual malady of living. He is why , possibly AA is what it is. A spiritual program based on the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. His book , is very difficult to read, and the philosophical words and phrases are quite the head on approach that made Bill W. quit drinking.

Bill w. gos on to say he had a spiritual change in his soul and the urge to drink was taken away after reading this book. I believe it is 1100 pages , and very concise on religions and why we experience outward bodies of a spiritual relationship with our higher power. Here are a few quotes from a site called "Brainy Quotes from this man , William James.

Common sense and a sense of humor are the same thing, moving at different speeds. A sense of humor is just common sense, dancing.

These are only a few that William James writes about and they are powerful messages for our every day sobriety. These words mixed with a desire to stop drinking and get with the steps are indeed a revolution to take yourself on. The path to sobriety is haveing a spiritual relationship with God, our higher power. It is possible to pray for this relief and it will come onto you. I am one of a million persons that has been blessed with a spiritual change that has effected my life in this world. 

God Bless and have a great weekend. Life is good and Life is what you make out of it. Pray for those times when you are unsure what to do with your life, and a answer will come. This is a promise, that "Thy will be done, Not mine" Christopher07/14/2013 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

The First Six Steps to Sobriety

Well its Thursday 07/11/2013 and yesterday I did my 5th and sixth step with my sponsor. It was an emotional meeting of sorts. I did not expect to get this way after I submitted my 5th step to my sponsor. I realize now some of the things that I hold deep down inside me that I take for granted. Love for one is what I have to offer to a lot of people, and peace became upon me as I read to him my resentments. I really did not know I resented so many things and that most were a cause from myself. I will make amends to those that I have hurt this week as well. The faster you work theough these steps and heal your inner soul, the better all this AA stuff is. My sobriety is stronger than ever, my conscios contact with the spiritual world is even more evident since I took these steps.
My C5 Corvette by Christopher Hyer

It seems when you read through the steps , a simple feet indeed once you get past step one. However by working the steps outlined by the Big Book, a spiritual beginning takes place again.Another round of peace came over me, and really it sounds strange, but I felt good about how my life was heading. If this is all it takes to stay sober and feel good about life, Is it not worth the risk of doing? I think it is, and being a sceptic for so long about AA and what happens in this group, it seems to be doing me a lot of good for my attitude and my living.

I have damned AA enough and I guess, I have just given in . I am glad I have calmed down about it. There is so much in the world about the good and bad about AA and their principles, that anyone would be a suspicious of why it works. I believe it is the spiritual aspect instead of the being at a meeting that tends to take over ones life, and this is good. My actions and thoughts are not perverse or destructive. I do however during the day have problems in which if I let go and say a pryer, seem to take over and the outcome is tolerable. I think this is called living life on life's terms. Thy will be done, not mine. To let go , is not in most of our vocabulary, we all want control. We basically have no control except for over people places and things. God has the control over everything, and until you find this out, like I am still learning, you will be spiritually sick.

A new way of life has become of me lately and by doing the fifth step and practicing the words I hear at AA meetings must be what this deal is all about. It will change your thought patterns into a good way of life for you. You have to work at this though and not just sit on your ass and hope things will come about. I have tried this even with prayer and the prayer will show you that this is not a way of living. Many exclaim " What an order , I can't go through with this", Yes you can if you are wiling to take certain steps, and believe in a higher power, and I chose the Lord. You may chose any relationship you like as your higher power and find out your stuck with God as being this higher power. It is good when this happens to a human being, they are better people in the world. God knows when we need help and he is there to provide this. Open your hearts and let your prayers be heard and pass it on to someone that may not want to hear about your spirituality because it will make them think.

My life is not perfect, yet perfection is not what I seek. I just want to tolerate it and enjoy a laugh or two in the mean time. I have not been open to much joy until I finished this step of my life. Like a baby taking his first steps, and learning how to walk is what this is all about, God will show you the way if you try. Have a great day....Chris07/11/2013

Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday and Being Humble

To be humble, what does this exactly mean? I think I know a little bit about this. Correct me if I am wrong. I am looking for another job , and there are plenty of fast food places to work at. They pay good money , because no one wants to work there. When I say good money , I mean about 14 to 16 dollars and hour. I am having trouble getting a job in IT or any computer related field. SO I was thinking , why not do fast food? I never thought this would be my destiny nor do I want this. The money is there though. I am not qualified for most jobs in my area in oil and gas. I never have worked in a restaurant atmosphere, and don't desire this. I would think this a humbling experience, and I do not want to do this. I may have to though, if nothing alse comes my way.

Why, oh lord does it have to be this way? I have so much experience in other areas, and I would rather move away from here than work in fast food. Maybe that is a idea? I am confused as to what to do, so I pray about this and , the answer has not come. I was just turned down for a job with an Airlines company and this is ridiculous. The times in my town I live in are booming and yet I am older now and sometimes I feel like I am not as wise as I thought I was. I use to be able to get almost any job I wanted. I have bounced around so many times and burned many bridges with other companies because of my drinking in the past.

This is where I am at this day is how to be humble and accept the things I cannot change and change the things I can. The wisdom to know the difference is hard to decipher. I have been putting in applications this morning for other jobs, and Yes they may come through. The time it takes to get hired on these days is ridiculous as well. The background checks ( which I pass with no problem), are everywhere I go looking for a job. It's like are you an American citizen and stupid shit like that. I was born American and I am white and never have been a from another country. This is what pisses me off is that you have to prove your an American citizen when you have paid taxes for years and your parents are American born and yet I get , and you also get the run around about if your able to work in this country.. Shit there are people from Mexico that barely speak English and they have no problems getting work , work that should go to people that grew up in this country. I do not want to sound like a racist but , in reality we let all these people from other countries come to the USA and they take our jobs away from the citizens that grew up in this country. Being humble and being realistic is two separate things.

Stop the bitching , I know, and I will find something, Humbling experience , I am living . We , who live in America are all humble in one fashion or another. I am sure some of you relate to what I am saying here. The world is not going to change for me, or you. We have already been subjected to what our government has done to us. I will stop at this , because I could go on and on about the unfairness to Americans on here. Somehow I will deal with the idea that some person from another country is taking jobs away from us. My little piss problem is over now...Chris

Sunday, July 7, 2013

One Day At a Time ; Sobriety

Taking my life one day at a time. I don't know how good I practice this. I do try to think ahead, because I have to line up my life a few days ahead of time. Taking "One Day at a time", is a difficult step for any of us. I have so much to look forward to in the future, even if right now, I don't see it. I am sober again today and this will be everyday as far as I know, and for today I will be sober. The craving for alcoholic beverages really does not thoroughly go away when I think about this. The ads on Television and going to convenience stores surely throw this shit at me. So , I salivate for about 5 seconds and then I am ok, so the obsession to buy this particular drink has been lifted. Enjoy Stevie Ray Vaughn below for a little "Superstitions"

There are still problems in my daily living and AA helps in taking care of this. I also put in my two cents of , "No I am not going to drink because of so and so. There are problems , but drinking just makes them go away for a short period of time. I know this from experience and I am sure you do too. So taking this one day at a time, or even one hour at a time is needed, for me to live a sober life .
I say the serenity prayer constantly, and obsessively at times. I am the typical recovering alcoholic that thinks I can take one drink and stop , but knowing that I will take another sometime soon is what keeps me away fo 4 plus years of sobriety. I am working the steps daily , and my 4th step is done,however I need to get my sponsor involved into this.

One thing I have slacked up on is how many meetings I go to, and I need to get back in this habit of going to more, it would seem, or appear to me. I damned these AA meetings enough. They really help when I need them and other times I wonder why the hell I go. If it keeps me sober then there is no contemplating them.So live "One Day at a time" and God Bless.     

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Saturday 07/06/2013 ---1 Timothy of the Bible

"May God our Father and Christ Jesus our Lord give you grace,mercy,and peace" Chapter 1 in Timothy in the bible. 

Wow, what a strong phrase we have been given. Paul in the bible was given control by the command of Jesus, "It is written to Timothy,my true child in the faith".....What a concept, to have the Lord Jesus Christ give one such an honor. To be loved by Jesus , so much that God had appoited Paul to spread the word of God and to trust and have faith in him to do his deed.

Christopherhyer 2013
Is that what we all seek in reality , is a commitment from others to understand that through faith and love that God has made us into human beings to carry on this message to other human beings. A twelve step for sure, I would imagine."Live a life of Faith " is what Paul says in Timothy and do not stray away into any false promises.

This would hold true for alcoholics," please oh lord help us keep the faith and do not let us go a stray with our own ides" and "Thy will be done" not mine. This would tend to be the message I received this morning.

I am selfish with God and my own delusions of what I should be doing. I am guilty of not loving God every moment I can get a chance. Maybe for today we pray a little more and have faith that a power greater than ourselves brings us out of misery and into happiness. We all deserve this happiness and joyfulness.  

Friday, July 5, 2013

God Grant Me!! Sobriety

In the mornings , I say prayers for the day to begin with and ask for guidance and courage to face the world. It has become habbit, and without prayer in the morning , I would not be complete for the day. It is so much of a habit that I even recite the Serenty prayer a few times to get me going. Do you do this?

God grant me the serenity to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference. Sucha strong prayer for living . The short prayer is good for everything in this world. You cannot change the things you can't. It is so true. Love for other animals and human beings seem to take place with the serenity prayer. I don't think about drinking in the morning, that obsession has been removed. I have days where I am not so up . This is true with all of us, though I have not had a bad day since being sober. No hangovers, no headaches, or alcohol on my breath to get off. There is so much to be thankful for this morning.

July 4th was a bit hard to take, yet I woke up this Friday with a different attitude, and feel good about myself. I can't change those things I cannot control. Maybe this is hard to swallow on occasion, so I just keep praying all day long. Have a beautiful day and God Bless...Chris

Thursday, July 4, 2013

July 4th, God's Grace I am Sober

Ingram, Texas by Christopherhyer 2013
Well it's that time of year where in Midland, fireworks happen even though there is a possibility of a good fire happening tonight somewhere. It never cease to amaze me , that they fire these off in and around the town. They are beautiful , if you like rockets blwing up in the sky. I could care less, if I was in New York City or somewhere where there is a little excitement , then my thoughts are there. To be sober in Midland, Texas is a feet in itself. There is basically nothing to do , but work. There are parks with no water in them. There are trees around the homes in the main city , however outside the city limits there is brush and dirt. The Oil rigs are everywhere, and that gets old too. The smell of gas is ever present in my city and I am sure it is not good for people, but its money.

So staying sober on July 4th in my town is a test of ones sobriety.Every day in this city is a test of one's sobriety. The only places to go are to eat , bars, and AA. You could go to a Hospital I guess and see how fancy that is,,lol...Shit this place really needs activities for people, beside drinking at a celebration on the night of the 4th.I try to compare this place to Corpus where I use to live 4 years ago, and there is no comparason. As an alcoholic I tend to want to move from place to place, to run from myself. When sober you realize you can't do this. You cannot run from yourself.

To get out of this Hell hole in West Texas one needs to drive about 3 hrs north or south to a lake. Maybe that is what I will do, we put a lot of miles on our vehicles out here because of this factor. Oh well, hopefully you live somewhere where it is pretty and not a 100 degrees. God Bless and Happy 4th....

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Chris Raymer and AA

When I met Chris R. , he was a speaker at La Hacienda treatment facility in Hunt, Texas. I was foggy when he spoke and in my Big Book , I have diagrams trying to follow him. He is controversial to some members of AA , although are we not all. He is straight to the point on the program of AA. This was taken from You Tube and if you like it search this one eyed bandit that discusses the "Issue Man", that for some reason is hard to find on the Internet , if not impossible. He talks of the "Issue man " as our spiritual malady and for some reason, not much is found on the Internet on this speech. I will try once more to find his discussion of this. Enjoy listening to this program of Chris R. He is a sircuit speaker and pretty upfront about his passion for recovery and people.

Male , Female Relationships in AA- Are they Possible

I went and picked up my four year chip last night with my friend, I met in AA. She was beautiful and I helped her out with a place to stay for a couple of nights. She needed to get away from her home and figure out something, what she needs, I am not sure, but I could not provide it for her. I knew I would fall for her when I first met her, and I did. Having her in my house made it difficult to not watn to hold her and cuddle with her. I tried nothing with this sperson , though, because I knew the feeling was not mutual. She liked me, for me, but she wants no relationship, damn I thought.

Cocoa by Christopherhyer2013
However, can one have a relationship with another in AA.? I would say this would be difficult , and near impossible. You both may have physical attraction going on, then possibly sex. The bottom line is two people in the program are not the ideal mates to marry. That is of course my opinion again, and a lot of flirting goes on in AA. It's obvious in almost every meeting that has a young lady in the group, men are always hitting on her. I see this everywhere I go. This girl may be sick as hell, and yet men hit on her consistently, making AA even a hard place for this single women to be involved with. This needs to be addressed and taken care of from meeting to meeting.

Relationships are problems for us in AA and those of us that have drank a lot of years. It was a reason why we drank at times, and to deal with a spouse in the program of AA is true honesty. If you are honest with this women in A
A that you like and she can be that way back to you, then mutually you have made an agreement. This is a good deal, because if for some reason the relationship does not work out, you can still be friends. This is my case at hand. I had to let the young lady leave my place, because I told her of my intentions and how I felt, we spent the morning analizing this and she packed and wanted no relationship. That is ok with me , now and I did not hurt her and she did not hurt me. We were honest about our feelings and able to communicate our desires and our likes.

Living sober is what AA teaches you even if you are not trying to learn this, or is this God working in our lives? I would say a little bit of both. She escorted me to a meeting to receive my four year chip and I was honest when I spoke at AA last night about my past and present. This living sober is about being honest with yourself , and living through the spiritual aspect of God. It works, really works when you don't try to analize at like I tend to do . God bless and come back ....Happy 4th to those that will have the day off, and to those working . Christopher

My Name Is Chris and I am a Alcoholic

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