Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sobriety and Monday 06/10/2013

Well Monday is coming and a new week is ahead for us all. Hopefully you had a good weekend and your ready for the real world again on Monday. I went to AA step study on Sunday night, and it was good as usual. Step 4 is what we discussed. I have not done this the AA way, I have done it my way, and do it everyday. To do it right though , Is coming soon. I have a sponsor and I will start working on step 4 like most do.

I am not going to run AA like I want to. Selfish and self centerd , is what you could call this. I am going to run this program the AA way. I hold no resentments toward anyone I can think of. Well, hold on there are some customers I do have resentments about, so maybe I have to dig a little to find out what my issues are. I guess that is the true meaning of working the 4th step.

However , Monday is a new day and my workload will be light , possibly. It usually is, and I am grateful for this. I need the extra money , but I am still in training and I like to take it slow and consistent. How are you tonight?

Well I am going to listen to a little bit of Chris R. from Ingram and go to bed. I like listening to him, it makes for a full day. Search out Chris Raymer and listen to his MP3s he is all over the internet and a great speaker. Have a good night and good morning.

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