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Friday night , the beginning to a weekend and before you know it , a past tense. Monday will be here. We just go round and round for some odd reason. Have you ever thought of this? One day just leads into another day and for what? I don't know what God's meaning on earth is for us, and neither do you. Some of us have girlfriends,and maybe that is why we have weekends, to spend with our wives and girlfriends. I don't have either one, and I am still interested in what life has to bring me, or what is it I can offer life!

Maybe that is what daily living is about, as an alcoholic, I lived for the weekends, and staying up all night smoking a joint and having a few beers. Watching TV and "Fast Times At Ridgemont High", That was a typical Friday night activity, of course we watched other things I just don't remember what? When sober , and sobriety kick in we are to go to AA meetings at 8pm every night possible. I find this interesting , and do I like it? I am not sure, but I am not alone for that one hour. I am with people that have the same Friday nights I used to have. Drinking and drugging, and being irresponsible, as an adult, is not living life on God's terms, I suppose. I do not miss the hangovers or the expense of the narcotics or beer. Cigarettes to add to the bill. So one thing is for sure, I still spend money and can't figure out where the extra is from not doing the party lifestyle..hmmm

I will travel to Kerville , Texas Saturday morning to see a friend of mine that is on his death bed,he is 90 years old and a remarkable man.I am sad to say I think this will be my last time to spend with him as Alzheimers and other heart problems are just now coming to a close. When I met him he had problems , but always got around, he does not get around anymore. He has not given up nor will he, but I feel it tonight and all day that I best go see my old friend, and bid him goodbye, till I see him upstairs. He use to show cars with his deceased wife, and travel in a Lucy mobile home all over the United States, he has a good story to tell, and I remeber most of it when I lived in Corpus Christi, Texas . That is where I met Harry, and he was driving a brand new Mustang at 80 years old. A hot rod new one, with all the bells and whistles. He lost his license recently ina one vehicle wreck on his ranch. That did him in , when you take a drivers license away from a man that loved cars.

I will go read to him at this Rehab, he is at, about God , because he taught me all I know about God. I love this guy and he is broken now, and wishes to go on to see his wife and friends. There is a time in life, I recently noticed that when all your friends die and you are left alone, things happen to you. You develop memory loss and a loss to live . Harry loves life , don't get me wrong, he will only talk about the good in li
fe, never negative, a very brilliant young man, he is.God will be blessed with his presence when he comes home.

So Friday nights is not so bad, I have trip to look forward to and I pick up  my 4 year sobriety chip at the Treatment center in Hunt Texas. Yes, I am excited for some reason, I get to sit with the alumni of La Hacienda ,instead of the patient area. I get to talk my talk, and I will be ready. This blog has helped me get things out in the open. It has been good for many of you I can see the numbers rise.
I will write everyday for as long as I think is needed, that may be a lifetime. So come back and visit and maybee you will get something out of this site. God Bless and be careful.


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