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Since I am recovering from the Dentist, I have decided to make use of this blog as it tends to be growing in numbers around the world. This blog now has a translator, because of the Russian community that is present on this blog. I welcome the Russian Alcoholic and all others from around the world to explore my daily routines and rituals, if you will. This blog is for alcoholics and thos whom might be interested in what alcoholisim is. I put my personal accounts or journal into this and sometimes I just put plain facts from other sites to help those of us that need this.

Interesting !! Chris Hyer 2013

I will say this , if an alcoholic , you should build your own blog or be writing about your our story in a personal journal, that way you can see how you have been doing . I have found this to be quite an experience and I see how I have grown from hating AA to loving it. I am a proud recovering or recovered person from drinking alcohol and smoking . I write to inform the masses and myself how far I have come and how this program of rigorous honesty, works with the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. I am sorry to say that the only way to stay sober is to work the steps and work them with a sponsor and attend a few AA meetings every now and then or everyday. Whatever works for you. We are all different, when I mention a higher power , I speak of God and this might throw a whole lot of people off. I am a Ch
ristian though and I have come to believe that God has lifted me and my spirits high and ahs given me the power to pass what I know on to people.

I am in no way an authoritative person,, that thinks my ways work for you. I am just one in a million that try's to adhere to this program the best I can. I have thrown some advertising on here to make use of other ideas. Scientist are always looking for ways to beat this disease and therefor if any of these ads helps you in any way , then so be it. I get help from meditation and reading the Big Book of AA, there are those of you that seek another direction beside AA, I say good luck. I have not found any other way and one must work a 12 step program to stay sober, this is fact. There are no magic pills or words , but there is the spirit of God that can be had from this program and working the steps is the way in finding that spiritual aspect that you will have to have. I am just one example of what God has done for my life with a little bit over 4 years of sobriety, each day is a miracle , that I don't use or drink. I thank God for the family I have , and the way my friends look upon me now. My son is closer to me than ever and loves me. These are the rewards for doing this simple , program. You cannot buy this program or love from an individual, I have tried. I have tried everything your little head is thinking, and I have fallin many times back into the darkness of the insanity. Please comment and leave your testimony if you feel like it. We are not a glum lot , we all need to be loved, and this is good. Christopher


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