God I offer Myself To Thee

I tried and tried to get along with my new manager at work and he is either racist or has a dry sense of humor. I left my job this morning , and reluctantly so. I was asked to put together a machine that I have no idea of what I was doing. I was verbally abused by this man , in a way that was wrong in my mind. He asked if I was a Technician and he was curious as to how good I really was. Hell I only was with them for three days. I am a good technician, and have worked on copiers for over 2 years. The product was different than what I was use to , but I figured they would give me a while to learn theirs. Maybe I took everything the wrong way, but it was like I could not do anything as good as this fellow wanted.

The Worlds a Stage
I prayed and prayed about this every morning noon, and night and on the job. I finally this morning had my fill of it and left my key and a note , and my damn screwdriver that He called Richard. He had fired a guy who did not have his tools with him on a job , and just because he did not bring in his tools the boss of mine fired this fellow. He might have had other issues, but I had to walk around with a 20" screwdriver all the time. I thought this was kind of weird and stupid. Yet I did it and was willing to do most anything to keep this job.

I don't think this guy knows he was verbally abusing me , I think it may just be his attitude towards certain people. I forgive as much as I can but can only put up with so much abuse, whether intended or if it was for his enjoyment.I did , however call the owner and explained to him why I left to his answering machine. I am not trying to get anyone fired and I am sure I will not. This fellow will probably just say I was no good for this company. He will make it look like I was not of value to this company. I know people that are this way, they think they know everything and then sit their intentions on other people. He knew I was going to take his verbal assaults and he continued this, as an affirmation to me that I was not worth being there. I would of blown up if he confronted me again, so I did what I thought was correct and left.

No one should be questioned if they are qualified for a job after being hired for said job. No one should be mentally tainted with the notion that you are not good enough to be there working. Especially a manager until sufficient time to learn how they operate their business.

I called my sponsor and told him after I got home, and was upset about this whole ordeal. He listened and that is what a sponsor does. He does not judge and he did not agree or disagree with what I had to say. I did what I did for my own sanity. I was sweating bricks this morning , trying to do the work I was asked to do. I did finish this , and I did a good job. After thinking about what other words would come out o
f this fellows mouth , I made my decision to leave. No one was around anyway, and I am not good at quitting a job.

Well onto other things I suppose, and I don't have to drink over this . I have thought about taking a long drive, but this may be what I will do. God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. That is all I have to say on this matter today. Have a good day...Christopher


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