Promises and Life Mid Afternoon Friday

I just got home from having lunch with my father in Big Spring, Texas. Here is what happened . I left Midland, Texas at 1130am arrived at a restauraunt at 1215pm in Big Spring , Texas. Had a gyro sandwich and found 100.00 bill on the sidewalk. Pocketed the money and was kinda happy. Got in my car to go back home, and enjoyed the top off and was cruising at 80 MPH and all of a sudden the traffic on the highway stopped. As I pulled up to the accident I noticed a black Dodge Ram, on its top in the other lane next to mine coming the wrong direction and bottles of liquor all around the truck. I saw blood coming from the cab and turned my head so I did not see more, I continued on to my city and the traffic was going up to 100 MPH and I was in wonder as to what the hurry was to get to this hell hole called Midland , Texas. Then a near miss in town by a Big truck, almost hit me, and pushed me off the road. I proceeded to the grocery store to buy stuff. I bought drinks and shampoo, had a lady rush right in front of me in the express lane with about 40 items. I waited patiently for this 20 inute checkout , and then put my 4 items down and loaded my car..Got in car , proceeded to back out and a truck was just sitting right behind me. He was not going to move, I got out and asked him to move his ass nicely, and he went , oh, uh ok, and he left. Damn I thought , what an idiot. I decided today was dangerous, I drove into my garage and parked my car. Took my groceries out , and got a text from a massage theapist, I said Yes I could use one, but not now.. Then I got to this blog.
My C6 Top Off Today!!

I stayed sober, content and kept my cool and was blessed all this afternoon in about a 4 hour period. I almost was in a wreck, and saw the damage of a possible drunk driver, and counted my blessings. What an order, I can't go through with it!!lol Well I made out ok, this is a usual day in this city. No wonder we used to drink, I would of had a few if this were a few years back or sit back and turn on
my TV and smoke a joint and just veg out. No not today, I live life and move on and remeber what happened, in a short time. Our lives are short is what I am trying to point out and what all can happen in a matter of hours if not minutes. There is no reason to get high or drink, because I am past this.
I am sure if you look at your day it would be comparable... Chris


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