To Drink is To DIe

We had to smash the idea that we could drink or it killed us. The Big Book reminds us that controlled drinking was all we wanted to have. We have the disease of alcoholism, and this spiritual malady or "issue man" inside us makes this possible. Inside you may have another drink left in you, don't even think this for a moment. We know to drink is to die. It is our death sentence to take one drink as it tends to lead to another sometimes slowly others it takes just one drink that will lead to another. We have tried all forms of controlled drinking or drugging. Trying it in the morning only or just one in the evening, then to succumb to the fact that we could drink two or more now, back to the races we went, and fell into an insane asylym. Back to treatment or death to most of us.

Hunt , Texas by Christopher Hyer 2013
Please do not believe you can control your drinking, and do not take this test. If you are like myself, it will be the last thing in your mouth, and you will not wake up. This is not living, AA gives us the tools for living and that is with the spritual God in our hearts telling us this drinking has to quit or it will kill us. The obsession to drink may not completly go away , but will if you truly work step one. Step one is the most important step we could have in our hearts and life. We have to believe in a power greater than ourselves, could restore us to sanity and not take that one drink.

God is all powerful, look at your self in the mirror and laugh this morning and this afternoon, soon you will be able to laugh all day long, and without a drink. You are with the spirit of God and he is wonderful and grateful to you for being strong
against the devil. The devil is evident now is he not? You know what to do whne the drink thing comes to your mind, there sits on one side the devil on the other is God's spirit, who do you want on your side.

The God concept is not a new one and if we truly believe he can conquer all our fears if asked. Pray to God and ask him to relieve the pain of drink and give you life today. Look at a child and see his innocence. This is you reflecting back . You are a child of God and this is good. He watches over you if asked. He needs to be asked, though. Faith without works is dead.God respects you as much as you respect him, its a mirroring effect , and it works. Millions of alcoholics and drug addicts have lived this way since being sober, you can too, so can I. God Bless and Keep your head up high, God is riding with you right now. God Bless and have a great day...Christopher07/17/2013


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