Monday Morning Soberiety and New Job

I start my new job in IT today with a business that is local. I look forward to working outside the house. This is a fortunate position that God has sent my way. I have the jitters a bit this morning but I woke up early and got cleaned up and had enough time to write to this blog. Monday's are usually busy days for most as they set out for the week. I believe that I have found the perfect Christian job , all that work here are Christian and family. They seem to have accepted me and my past alcoholism. I explained to them on my first interview that I was. This is how I am spiritually motivated I said. The man I talked to was impressed, though I was outspoken, it did not hurt my job chance
s. Nor was a drug test even given, I was trusted.
Garden in Midland, Texas 07/21/2013 Chris Hyer

I think working for a Christian company is what God had planned for me, though the work will be difficult, there is training.God does not give us more than what we can handle is what is said, and I believe this and will do my best. I need to calm down and let things be as they are. I slept horribly last night, I guess my first day has made me a bundle of nerves, for I have not been under a employment like this in a while. I was a contractor, and ran the show. I must remeber that I do not run the show, I am an actor for this company and I must slow down and follow their rules. God makes this happen.

I have said my prayers this morning and pray as I do , this makes for a great beginning. I will write at the end of the day to tell how all went. God grant me the serenity to change the things I can the wisdom to know the difference and so on....I have said this prayer possibly 5 times today and the Lords prayer that things work out. I will go forward in pursuit of being productive and knowledgeable this day forward with my life and my work. I dress for the part and look nice and my mind is open for new ideas. I carry with me a cross around my neck in remembrance of Christ and what he has done for me. I wear a ring with a cross , so my fingers will be guided by God. I know this may sound foolish but I believe . I show my belief this way, and flaunt this belief.

Well,have a blessed day and those still drinking , I feel for you and please write and tell me how I could help you via the Internet. I will reply if I can. God Bless. Christopher


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