Warning Social Sobriety Sponsorship

I just got home from work and I want to let you in on a topic that is a bit confusing to some people. A sponsor in AA helps those that reach out for one. AN alcoholic that needs support with his drinking problem or drug problem. As a sponsor you are not responsible for the sponsee drinking or other habits that may invove your sobriety, I am writing on this because you have to be carefull on whom you sponsor. There are a lot of crazy ass people that have shot others while they were drinking and ended up in jail or Prison and then they get out and some of them really want to stay sober and might need a special type of communication other than a sponsor. I have run across a few of these people and not all are wanting to stay sober. Some stay sober so they can get money from you or a place to stay, use good judgement in this case. Not all alcoholics have shot and killed a person , that is not what I am saying. However with the times we are in, the Big Book does not adress the risk you take as being a sponsor and you really know nothing about certain people that some looking for a sponsor. It is a fine line of who really wants to stay sober and those who stay sober for others instaed of themselves, be clear with each other where your headed with sponsor type situations, and don't give out too much personal information about yourself. Be careful, and be aware of who you sponsor. Just a tidbit of something I ran into with being a sponsor and having a little trouble with someone recently. Some of these people are very sick. Pray about it, before you take this role. Chris


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