I am not a schizophrenic and neither am I.

Kind of a joke this morning for my headline. However, it is true there are a lot of people who drink that have mental disorders and they can recover from alcoholism if they have the capacity to know the difference. Most of us have that capacity to know right from wrong, but this is a disease . A disease of alcohol consumption seems to much for some people. They shrug this off and says yeah and I have a laughing disease or some smart ass thing to say. But alcohol has been listed as a disease that we have no control over. I believe I have an alcoholic drinking problem that is under control from God. I gave my drinking to God the spirit and I live sober day to day, even in the rough times of each day.

I had a wonderful time with my son who is 22 this year. He is not like his father, he is reserved and a thinker not a drinker or smoker, nor does he cuss. He is my angle from heaven and I love him very much. I put him through some tough times when he was growing up as a child verbally. I think I was controlling but what father is not controlling to thier kids, anyway I never physically abused him but verbally I may have. I never was knock down drunk in front of my kid, he did not see that side of me. I made sure he was safe and I never drove drinking with hiom in the car. I was a good father I think but his mother did not like me having him with me. So that brought out problems with our marraige years back. I am still divorced for over 20 years. I think I will stay this way, I am to set in my ways. Well its a good Sunday in this town and I have things to do before work so havbe a good day!1 Chris


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