Sober and 1st day at new Job

Today , I start my new job . I am reaady to get out of the house and be proactive. I feel like the new kid on the block. I am in  a way. Anyway my boss seeems really nice and down to earth. I have waited to work for so long that it just does not seem possible that I am starting. I am a service Technician for a water company in the West Texas area.God makes all things possible whom believe in him. If you pray and stick close to God , good things happen to good people.
That is the daame with sobriety, if you really want it it will happen for you but you have to take action and do the steps. The 1st step is obstaining from drinking and believeing in a hi9gher power can help you. It is the same with life you have to give your life over to God in order for him to help you. Most of us don't like losing control over a situation, but when we do and let God run our lives, it is much smoother and easier to live with on a daily basis.
I am so grateful to everyone I know and do not know for all the help they have given me over the last few mo0nths. This blof has helped me also in maintaining my sobriety. I hope it has helped someone out there know that I am just an everyday person that is living a God driven life. Sober. Chris


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