Sobriety and Enjoying it!!!

When you are sober you can stuill have fun. One of my hobbies is flying these quadcopters or Drones. They are a blast even for a man of 52 years old. There is something really fun about flying these Drones, maybe its a revert back into childhood, except that they are expensive toys. There are little ones that will fly just as goodd as the bigger expensive ones. They take your mind into another dimension. You just enjoy flying up and down without crashing and you are in control. Of course the wind plays a factor in which way the Drone will fly at times, It is a challenge to get it to video correctly and to fly stable when using video. I highly suggest you buy a few of these, Yes more than one, and first see if you enjoy it, then move on to better made Drones like  Blade model. These higher dollar Drones will not break so easily and they willl set you back about 200.00 but you will enjoy the fun.
God grant me the serentity to accept the changes. I have been going through a lot of changes in my job and my sobriety and they have been good. I am making good money now, and its only been a 2 weeks on my new job. There are days when getting out of bed is hard but worth it once I know when I get into my work vehcle that my hourse start to accumulate. Its a hard job but it is also an easy job at the same time. I guess all jobs are like this once I look back. Most of my co-workers know I am alcoholic cause I tell them. I am not ashamed of this, just want them to know I can't drink, and they seem to respect for this. Have a good day Im rampling..Chris


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