Sobriety and Waiting

Have you ever caught yourself witing for things to happen, like a phone call. An important date or a call from an employer. The waiting is drastic on a person, whom has not much in patience. As a former drinker, I never had any patience and I have had to learn patience from my sobriety and learn to occupy my time with other things while waiting for that call or person.
I paint sometimes and that is a good time killer and I like to fly drones, that is fun but waiting is still something I need to be working on. The awakening of being sober on a daily basis is a blessing from God. It is nice to wake up in the morning and not have a hangover or worry about blacking out from the night before. A plus for being sober, and if a hard drinker not having to wake up and take that drink means you really have come a long way.
Sobriety brings along with it things that are normal to most people. Those whom I talk about do not have a drinking problem. I watch TV and see all the drinking the actors are doing in a movie and makes me wonder if they are drinking for real or just drinking lemonade. I tend to think they are really drinking alcohol, and what does it matter. I would say I get a little bit thirsty when I see these movies but it last for just a few seconds, then my mind reflects back to myself and my drinking and sobering up. I am very grateful I do not drink , do I miss it. Yes and no . I think you know what I mean, I miss the taste at times, but I don't miss what a fool I made of myself when drinking. I was very lonely drinker. ANyway have a good day, mine is on an even keel right now. God Bless.


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