God and Being Sober, Today

God's light is all around us..By Christopher Hyer 12/15/2013

God is with us today and everyday we wake up from a night sleep. Do you recognize him in the morning. He is the smell of fresh coffee in the morning, and the breath of fresh air. He is within us also , even if we do not pray. He is at all times in us telling us what to do and what not to do. We have to listen for him, or we get lost in the darkness of evil. This is easy to say and write , however , think about it. How good God really is to you and I. I pray each and every morning for his blessing throughout the day. Does he listen, Yes of course. Do my questions have answers , Yes and God already knows how I will react to these answers. He knows all and we must trust in him to stay clean and sober for today. It is possible to be sober everyday, I am living proof of this.I awoke this morning feeling a little sleepy and not wanting to do my washing and ironing for the coming week of work, yet if I don't do these they will not be done. Thy will be done , is what the Lord has said to me, and I unconsciously do these chores everyday that are good and right. 

The Lord will save you. This is so true and You might make mistakes on the way. whether financial or by word of mouth. We say things that hurt people and we don't mean to do this on purpose, and yet at times we do do these things to hurt those that have hurt us. This is not right and we ask for forgiveness. It is not easy to ask for forgiveness, though it is human error and we must ask God to direct us in the right manner.

Sobriety is a spiritual way of living. There is no other way to live. You do not have to believe in God , but you must believe in him someday to stay sober. Read the Big Book of AA and you will see this is the answer.It is not easy to let go , and let life just be as it is. We all want some type of control.It will kil us in the end to believe we have complete control over our daily lives. Those of us whom are sober will relate to what I speak this morning. Thank God for the day and ask him for forgiveness and bless those who have hurt you or you have hurt them. You will feel good you did.  


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