New Sober Info on "Idle Hands"

The sober person has "Idle Hand" syndrome. "What the hell is this"? Its is a term I made up during my years of sobriety that is true to itself. When your use to doing certain things as smoking a joint or cigarette, your hands are left idle from not drawing the hands up. Those whom have quit know what I am talking about. Opening a beer is just as bad, we are use to popping the top off of a beer can , and Yes we get some sort of satisfaction of the act.

Idle hands syndrome, evolved from my sobriety and use of my hands to do certain activities that will keep you in money as well. Painting, photography, and writing will help with "Idle Hands " syndrome. I have always known there was a need to explain this and now its open to those of you who read my crap on here. Granted its good crap and truthful. Yet to  stay in focus, if your a beer drinker, and use to going to the refrigerator and grabbing a beer. Buy you some bottled root beer. The cap is damn hard to get off like a beer and the bottle resembles a beer bottle, and it will cut your fingers just like a real beer bottle. How cool is this!! Pretty damn sick, I would say, but true. Try it , is what I say and if it makes a difference and keeps you sober, than always try new ideas from nuts like me, that have had "Idla Hand " syndrome since day one of sobriety. Here is my new blog on this "Idle Hand " syndrome theory I cam up with. I hope this helps one person out there. Please comment. Have a great weekend.


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