Seek Help When it All Gets Too Much

Recently with not flying because of fear and losing another job. I have decided to get off the medications which can be addicting for anxiety. This is a feat in which I am going to have to accomplish because the pills just do not work. Sure I could take more of them and all would be fine for a while, but that is addiction, and I don't want to go further into my addiction so I have decided to get off Xanax and work through my problems with a LPC couselor and a new Psychiatrist, starting Monday. This will not be easy , as the panic will get worse but hopefully if I understand why I have panic attacks in the first place, that I will learn how to control them, without drugs. This is going to be a long term situation and since I am sober it should not be a s bad as when I was drinking and trying to get off medicine. Its a start in a new direction for Chris and a much needed one. Id rather fear and shake then have to take medicine every day. I am taking a large step in my mind and I have support from my family. I am sure I will kepp this site updated as I go through the process. God Bless. Chris Hyer


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