Am I A Failure in Life?

SO many things have backfired in my life. I am a alcoholic recovering and a former drug addict. Is that all I am? That does not look god on a resume. I am good man and I push forward in bad times, but I have to ask myself what am I really good at? We all have setbacks in life and maybe my recent flying routine is my setback. I lost another job , so that means Ill have to start all over . Sometimes this is too damn much. It is not that I am going to drink again, I don't have another drunk in me. I just get confused as to where to start off again to get my life in order. Here is a 53 year old man who cannot hold on to a job , but he can stay off the liquor, so I guess that is one thing in my favor. Very confused as to what to do next. A part of me just wants to get in my car and travel to the beach and get away. However when I get there what do I do? I can't run from myself but I would like to. I have reached a low point in my life right now. I hope all who read this will not be down, but can see that you can stay sober ina crazy world. Chris Hyer


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