Wed and Sober With You

Well its Wednesday, hard to spell that word? I wonder why? Oh well, just my mind boggling , idiosyncrasy, that plunders on a work week.  I think that makes sence..Its  a Hot day in West Texas and wind blowing and sand storms always. Not the prettiest place in the world. Had anothe r, hmm day at my job. I fix computers, and I never have tried to fix an Alll In One before. I think it was a mess when I finished. I tried damn hard all day to get this thing to work, and to no operation. I had to talk to a guy in India and he frustrated the hell out of me, I kept saying I don't get you? He was only trying to speak English, I can't blame him. Its these darn corporations that have gone global to east India and Pakastan whenre they make a dollar or two, so why would he be in a hurry to help me?

He wasn't. So I stoof online the phone for my call for about an hour, to tech support. Its' frustrating and I was sweating bullets because this is the job I want to keep. Have you found "The Job" you love. I love this job and how I have the freedom to call most of the shots. No boss breathing down my back and the company I work for seems to have been tolerant of my issues with some of the computers I fix. You can't beat that. I am not making the money I am use to yet, but I am still in training. I just started this job two weeks ago, and so far I have been happy with their attitude towards me and my problems I have run into. No yelling at me or saying that I suck. It is noce to have this convience, I beg you all to change jobs and find that right one, that is bearable.

Work in Midland, Texas is abundant, because of the oil industry. I have so far been able to keep out of it. Most of my service calls are to IT dept. of these companies,. I would much rather be inside than outside in this heat.

Idle Hands and the Issue Man , my favorite subjects including God. I have lost quite a few readers when I mention God in my blogs. So be it. Theuir fate is of no concern to me. It is the faithful readers that have regular jobs and trying to stay sober in Christ name that concern me.

I dare to be different, cause I am. There is no one in this world that is even close to the man I am. God makes us all unique, even you. Yes U.....Stay sober tonight and enjoy a show or paint a picture or play your guitar, keep you soul open and don't fret tomorrow. Its not here yet , we have to get through tonight. Thanks for sticking with me the very few who have. I will have something exciting soon. ..Christopher 05.29.2013


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