AA---Tonight and Sober

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I don't attend AA very often , in fact it has been three years since I last went. I took of tonight and headed to The Serenity Group in my home town. There was a crowd of about 12 people, sad to say most were from treatment centers in this town. They have to go, and I remeber being one of them, and not thinking about how long I would stay sober. Just to sit in an AA meeting and not be nervous was a blessing.

I highly recommend if you are like me, and sober for a while without going , that you go. It was good to talk and share a bit of knowledge that I have learned and how to keep my hands from being idle. There was no miraculous event that took place except that I saw a guy that I went to Church with when I was about 9 years old with 4 years sobriety. Small world it is. I felt like I belonged to this group and was not an outsider. It was a good meeting, about the Big Book.

Who knows I might find a Sponsor like they say to do , that and going to a few more meetings this year.lol  I really don't have much going between 8-9PM and I just decided it was time.

I hope your time is now , also. AA is good, there are positive results from going to a meeting. You realize your not as messed up as some of the others are. That being said , I already have been there, and it was good to see what could happen if I twist off. I learned a lot. Have a good day for Friday.


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