How To Be a Sponsor in Social Sobeirty

In AA there are people with lengths of sobriety, it could be 6 months or longer , and if you work the steps you should of gotten to twelve on the list. Now I say you should of, meaning that you thoroughly worked each and every step and have a concept of the program and how sponsoring works . You should have a sponsor already also before sponsoring, but these are not rules, just suggestions.
What does a sponsor do? They are a person that you can call on during the day and night when you have problems or just feel uneasy with a living situation. They are not your last answe, they will give answers that are AA driven , and for your sobriety. Most sponsors turn into lifelong friends, but there are a few new comers out there, that abuse the policy. A good sponsor will sit down and go over the Big Book with you and help you understand what you son't understand in the books of AA. If they don't have the answer, they will find it. They are not saints or anyone that is higher up in a AA group. These sponsors are friends of the program wiling to help others to stay sober. Like the buddy system.
They are helpers in living life to its fullest for the person that might need help puling away from a liquor store and telling their them to throw the drink out. These are rare things that happen but they do happen.They do not lend money or provide shelter but they might have ideas as to where one can go if the alcoholic is homeless.
In sponsoring you can run across a group of real interesting good and bad people. I have met both in sponsoring and have let go of two of them because they were whiners and did not want help. They wanted answers to things I had no idea about. They wanted money, and when one comes into AA sometimes there is no money in your pocket and it is ok to help someone with cash, but you have to put a stop on this. Anyway , if your a sponsor you are working the program as it is written and it does help one to do this activity. I highly suggest you sponsor someone that needs this. Have a nice day!


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