One Day At A Time

Personally one day at a time in sobriety is not that bad. It's living one day at a time not knowing if I am going to ever get another job. I have been about 2 months now doing this and that trying to get hired on with someone I can make ends meet with a decent salary and it just has not showed up yet.
Faith without works is dead. Well this goes the same with finding a job in Midland, Texas . When the economy waas booming not very long ago, I could find a job at Whata burger paying 15.00 an hour, those days are far gone. The worst part of the job finding game is that even when a company wants you it takes weeks of finding out if your a criminal and then drug test and make sure you are not an alien to the USA. All fucking bullshit , the employment game is not fair to a US citizen, but I can't change this nor can anyone else. The government
has put stipulations so high on employment yet they complain about unemployment rates. It  is a game of can we hire him do we meet the standards of hiring this man. It gets frustrating to a person like myself who is anxious just to get a commision only job now.

I do work Part time as a Uber driver but in Midland , Texas the only time you make money are drinking nights. Usually Thursday till Sunday early morning and I have a hard time staying up this late anymore. My system has gotten use to going to bed at ten PM and not 3 AM like when I was out drinking over seven years ago. My whole lifestyle has changed and it does not conform with the money making hours of Uber in West Texas.Granted if I was drinking and smoking pot like I use to , I sure would be up and high, and thinking I was doing something good for myself, but what a lie that was.

So the truth of living one day at a time is very correct. God will make things happen if I just keep working at getting a job,He has never failed me, in fact this week I made enough money off the Oil and Gas conference on Monday and Tuesday to make it a little bit longer. Yes, Uber saved the day on this week. That is why I keep myself on call even during the day , to just possibly makae that 20 or 30 dollar ride that willl hopefully add up to more money. How much is enough, well I would have to say for me it has to be enough to pay my bills and give me grocery money. Uber has helped in this area, so this is one way God is working in my life. I am not totally broke, and I plan my money in a manner where I dont go broke. How long can I keep this up? For as long as God is willing to help me, and this is forever if I just follow him and listen to my inner voice and keep pushing forward. Have a nioce Day!!Christopher 11.13.2015


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