Living Sober, Completely

In waking up daily , we get on our knees and pray to God. This is a ritual of sort that must take place in order to complete your day. It is for me , that is. I always say about an hour of prayers before the start of the day. You must live sober completly or you will fail. This includes practicing the AA steps daily in my life and attending an AA meeting if needed for that day. What does an AA meeting do for you ? Well there are others there that ask themselves the same question, its the fellowship of others who have recovered or the ones who are wanting to try recovery, because it is the one way that works.

Three Days Grace Concert, Midland, Texas ( Beer Fest)
It's not just going to meetings that will keep one sober, it is interacting with others in the fellowship and seeing how there lives have changed and how your life has changed. It is a good reminder of where you are going and where you came from. Is it needed daily, well for some it is. I got to three meetings a week. I have a schedule of which meetings I go to and which ones I don't. If it has substance and I get something out of it I attend. Living sober completely means action takes place instead of words. You may hear words at a meeting but without action , one is stale. You will find that you grow along spiritual lines that are clean and good for yourself. They will effect your lifestyle and your personality in a positive manner. You will always hear yourself at an AA meeting from others that speak.

There is the real life of going out and practicing the steps of helping other recovering alcoholics which is needed in order to stay sober. It is sometimes hard to get these to call you. I have found this out by handing out my phone number to many newcomers and only to not get one call. The deal is I am avaiable if they need me. That is sometimes all we can do. Make your self able to take a call and let the drinker you are there for them. The rest is up to them. You , however are practicing
the twelve steps of alcoholics anonymous when you try to help. That is all that is asked.

I recently went to a rock concert in Midland, Texas and beer was being sold out at this venue and there were a lot of drunks and at the end of the concert there were police officers waiting at the door to make sure one was sober. Thank God I was only drinking 3 dollar bottles of water, as I was not even looked upon these officers. They had a group of about 20 ready to go to jail for public intoxication. What a deal , huh. I was blessed this night , but I had no plans of drinking anyway, if this would of been a few years back , I too would be joining this group.

So good comes from not drinking, even if only for yourself. You are responsible now, and with the number of DWI cases in court in my little town, I do not want to spend one night in jail. This is my insurance, AA, and it should be yours. Have a great day and God Bless. Chris


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