Sunday, June 9, 2019

Drinking Just Makes Problems Worse

I was thinking the other day about some problems I have. One thought was to get a drink and let those problems go. However, the thought of drinking will never go away. It does recede with each day I live. I know alcohol is not an answer to anything except poison to me. It is my sick mind that thinks about drinking when life does not take me in a direction I intended. Of course , these times are seldom , they are part of living. God gives us choices and if we make the choice that gets us into trouble, then obviously we made the wrong choice. We should not beat ourselves over petty things and even the family problems will still be around after we drink. Years ago, ten to be actual is when I quit drinking alcohol, I developed a serene and lonely lifestyle. I have to admit that I miss the fun I had when I drank, but I also made a mess of things in the process. Maybe you can relate to what I am saying about alcohol or drugs. They are powerful chemicals and they can make you feel good about life in the moment. Long term they cause health problems, incarceration, and many other people problems. This is a known fact, and to quit drinking today is a idea I will point out is what you might need to get your life back in order.

Treatment centers should be a place where you should not be based on how much money you have and insurance. The alcohol business should pay for any treatment I have to take for drinking thier liquid. No way that will ever happen. I do not think much about expensive treatment centers. I have been to dumps and the expensive ones. They all have the same message. It is a shame that they want so much money from a drunk who is probably broke, and when he gets out of treatment he will have bills that will trigger him back into drinking. It is a crazy idea that if you need help from a center and they want to take all the money you have in order to dry you up.. They do not help afterwards. I know some of you do not think what I say is true, but it is.

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