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Some Things to Think About

Life is too short for drama and petty things, laugh alot, love truly,and forgive quickly!

Sometimes in AA we get caught up in ourselves. I know I do this. I try not to. There are little sayings that you can remeber that will take you out of yourself. This is what I am focusing on today.

We are something special. That even though we lack the wisdom ourselves, with God we can have the wisdom needed to fulfill the tasks ahead.

Another great saying written by someone I don't know.

God came as one of his people, to show His people that with him, and through Him, we can do all things.
Today no matter how lowly you feel , or how much you lack,remember with God you are complete.

Go to AA tonight , even if its your first time, and share your self with another. You will feel better, that is a for sure thing. Get outside the realm of self, and you will have a better day. God Bless

The Sober "Issue Man"

Sometimes it is plain hard to stay sober. Here I am with over 4 years and I have been thinking about what to do next. I am very busy all the time, but that little man inside me as discussed earlier in this blog, screams!

I don't want a drink , I just want something different. A girlfriend maybe , a new car, or just a want. I get agitated as the rest of you do. I know there is a few reading this blog as the numbers are shown. Yet this blog is not for cash, and not a waste of time.

I feel like if I can share the crappy moments with the good ones to someone , they will stay sober also. I don't attend AA very often any more, maybe that is my cue. I don't crave liquor at all, and I am glad. I don't have much to say tonight except , that it was a day. Not a bad day, just a day and I'm a little bummed that my postal card collection is not worth hundreds of dollars. lol

So keep your head up high and don't let the "Issue Man "inside you bring you down. He will an…

Sober and Memorial Day

Usually , this is a great day to BBQ and drink beer and get f...k up and kick it with your friends. If your on the path of recovery,(which you are all the time)/ You realize that you can BBQ and not have beer at your home party and maybe drive home the ones that have been drinking. They will thank you in the end.
Russian friend by ChristopherHyer2011
I use to have a problem with all holidays and those days I made holidays which was everyday. I would suck down a six pack in no time then drive carefully to a 7-11 and buy more beer. How many of you still do this? Is it time to stop?

If you want to stop bad enough, you can. Though not through your will power alone, You must ask God to help you stop for today at least. What better day to stop than Memorial Day. This is a great day to say no thanks, I am trying to quit. That simple, and pray while you day these words, and tonight while still craving that beer or beers or alcoholic drink, thank God you have not had one today. You may fel nervou…

Sober and the "God Prayer"


I. Sobriety: The Spiritual Malady "issue man"